Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potty training (Part 1)

I'm not really sure if I'm doing the right thing, or what's called "potty training". Somehow, it feels right to me. The reason why I'm hesitating is because I have come across info that there's no point potty training too early, early meaning before 15-18th months because the little one may not be ready yet. To me, now that the lil' fella can sit on his own confidently and that he's quite capable of communicating himself, with either cries or sounds, it just feels right to make it a routine for 'potty' every morning. One of the best thing about him that makes potty training easy is that he's quite regular in terms of his bowel business. He does it twice to thrice a day, and at quite fixed timing. The morning one is almost a guaranteed one.
Few weeks ago, I bought him this trainer seat. I wasn't sure if I should get it, cos it says for use by 2 years and above and the hole looks too big for him. I still bought it at second visit to the shop.  I went home and let him try it on immediately. It fits him perfectly! And he was okay sitting on it, and he just knew what to do. He was already doing what he was supposed to do the moment I let him sit on it. Hooray!!
From then on, this is what we do every morning, after his morning milk session. He does it quite swiftly most of the time, usually business done within a few minutes. Judging from his smile here, I'm guessing he finds it comfortable seated on it. Let's hope this is a pave way to successful potty training.

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