Saturday, August 29, 2015

Purple Soul antioxidant smoothie (Rain Soul)

He says, 'Yummy!' 

This afternoon, we made a very yummilicious and beautiful purple color smoothie made up of antioxidant and omega rich ingredients. I let little J took part in helping me squeeze and add in the ingredients into the blender, while I whizzed the smoothie. He loves the smoothie a lot. I am sure the beautiful purple color plays a big part. Here's the recipe for this antioxidant smoothie: 

Recipe (serves two) 

  • 2 pouches of Rain Soul Antioxidant Boost Juice (see following for description of Rain Soul) 
  • 2 tbsp blueberries 
  • 1/2 cup of fresh plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of fresh milk or juice or even water 
  • 2 tbsp honey 
This is a perfect afternoon snack or breakfast smoothie for adult and child alike. The inclusion of the Rain Soul supplements, which our family have been consuming daily provides abundant of antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 that are rarely available from the food or meals that we consume daily. I let the little 3 year old takes it on alternate days. 

Rain Soul makes a perfect supplement for kids as it provides omega-3, 6 and 9 which: 
  • promotes calcium absorption from the body 
  • improves digestive health 
  • boosts immune system 
  • boosts brain development and cognitive functions (learning capacity)
What is RAIN SOUL? 

It is a blend of natural organic seed oils that delivers the most potent wholesome food nutrients packed in a certified USA facility using 'cold-press' technology. 

Black Raspberry Seeds had been shown to help support overall health, fight obesity, and exhibit powerful anti-cancer properties. Chardonnay Grape Seed is a powerful antioxidant known to protect the brain, support healthy blood pressure, help with allergies and be cancer protective. D-Ribose to fight fatigue, improve energy and mental clarity plus anti-aging powerhouse Trans-Resveratrol, are added to every delicious ounce of Soul! 

Rain Soul is now available for sale at Just Health. Click here for further info. Alternatively, pop by at Just Health and request to taste it. Contact number 089 210620. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Toddler's Book: Foundational Maths Sense Activity & Sticker Workbooks 阶梯数学

Preschool maths is not about teaching a preschooler number 1 to 10, or a mere introduction to colors and shapes. 

I think the title of this book is quite confusing. It's normal that we naturally associate 'maths' with the concept of plus, minus, divide or multiplication. And it is scary when people think we start teaching these to a little 3 year old. But this book is not that kind of workbook.It is a book with 46 pages of fun hands-on full-color activities, easy-to-follow directions that involves exposure to different element of maths to build on the skills necessary for learning and loving maths later on in school. 

The different elements of preschool maths activities include: 

  • Geometry (shape) 形状 
  • Measurement 对应比较
  • Spatial relations 空间知觉
  • Maths language - more/ less, bigger/ smaller, near/ far 数学语言
  • Number sense 
  • Patterning 
  • Positioning words
The books are available in sets of 2 (part A and B, each book has 46 pages of activities, with one page of stickers). Each set is available at RM30. Price is not inclusive of postage. 

There are 2 types available: 
2-3 year old (designed for preschooler) 
3-4 year old (designed for kindergartener) 


Maths language/ Spatial relations

Number sense

More/ Less

Starting solid for baby and beyond 宝宝辅食王中王

This book (300 pages) is a must-have for parents weaning baby and starting solids for the first time. It's loaded with simple, practical recipes and advice, including recipes to boost appetite 开胃、strengthen teeth 保护牙齿、allergy 过敏、vomiting 呕吐、diarrhoea腹泻、constipation 便秘、heatiness 上火 and more。The recipes carry you through each stage of solid introduction, from 4 month onwards up till 12 months,from purees and grains to finger foods. It also includes tons of tips and helpful hints on what babies should eat and shouldn't and the reason why.You'll learn how to put together ingredients, how to allow your baby to explore new tastes and textures and how to deal with feeding problems. 

Price RM36 (not including postage)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Toddler's book: Usborne dot-to-dot books with stickers (English)

This is a 5-book series with themes on:
  • Dinosaurs 
  • Animals 
  • Things that go 
  • Pirates 
  • Farm 
Young children (suitable for those starting to count or those in kindergarten) can find out what animals/ dinosaurs/ things missing from each scene by joining up the numbers from 1 to 10, then assign matching name sticker to complete the picture. 

This sticker books series is a fun and rewarding way for children to practice first number skills, as well as color recognition and pen-grip and control. 

Each book is sold at RM16. A set of 5-books is sold at RM70 (savings of RM10). Price is not inclusive of postage. 

Toddler's book: Sticker activity book

This set of 4-books sticker books series is specially designed for children aged 2-4 year old (the 2-3 series) or 4 to 6 year old (the 3-4 series), making them suitable for preschool children or even those in kindergarten.  

这套丛书(共4本)是为2-6岁孩子所设计的涵盖创意、数学、语言、思维4大内容的贴子书。2-4岁的适用2-3 系列, 4-6岁则适用3-4系列。 每本书含 150-300 张贴纸,让孩子边玩边学习。  

* Creativity 创意
* Maths 数学
* Language / Reading 语言 
* Thinking / Analytical 思维 

Every book contains between 150-300 stickers. It's great as busy bag materials, or learning materials at after-school hours or when travelling. 

Each book is sold at RM15 each. Purchase a set of 4 books at Offer Price RM40。Price is not inclusive of postage. Please specify your choice of either 2-3 (for preschooling age 2-4 year old) or 3-4 (for those in kindergarten 4-6 year old). 

Toddler's book: The giving tree 爱心树 by Shel Silverstein

This is another book which J and I own in both English and Chinese. Hahaaa.. sounds crazy. But there are these certain classic books that I felt it's particularly inherent to have them read and interpreted in both languages. 'The Giving Tree' is one of them.

As of 2001, over 5 million copies of this have been sold worldwide, placing it 14th on a list of hardcover "All-time Bestselling Children's Books" from Publishers Weekly. By 2011, there were 8.5 million copies in print. 

There are many ways to interpret the story. Despite of the recognition it has received, this book is also well-known as one of the most "divisive" books in children's literature.My view, it's a beautiful story of unconditional love between a tree and a boy, in which the tree is generous and gives all of itself to help the boy whenever he is in trouble. The metaphor in this case is that of a mother and a child, or God and a human, or even nature versus human. 

I created two activities that go along with this books, ie Counting apple busy bag kit and a 'Paint my tree' craft using this type of artsy brush (which you'll get one with purchase of this hard-cover bestselling book from me). 

Artsy brush

Again, creative J decides that the leaves on the tree are not all green. Some of the leaves had turned brown due to the hot stuffy weather. That is a very good sense, I must say.

This is a simply apple counting game to use with your toddler/ preschooler to encourage counting or even simple addition or minus. It is also a great one-to-one correspondence activity or a convenient busy bag material. 

I now have 15 new and genuine copies of "The giving tree  爱心树" in Chinese   (全新正版精装版) available for sale at RM35, in the form of 'Book and Activities Pack RM35', including the following: 
  • 1 x genuine, hardcopy of bestselling book 'The giving tree' in Chinese 
  • 1 x artsy brush (any pattern) 
  • 1 x set of apple counting busy bag, which consist of a laminated mat and numbers, and 5 mini apples
Price is not inclusive of postage. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Toddler's book: The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸

I first picked up this book because of this caption, 'The book that would make any child fall in love with reading'让每一位小孩都爱上阅读的一本书。 I am not worried that J wouldn't love reading. I think he does. I hope he does, anyway. But he doesn't appreciate his book. He steps on his books. He sits on his books. He has food and saliva all over his books. Maybe that's his ways of expressing affection? I wanted to use this book to tell him that if he's not gonna start taking care of his book, then Mr. Fox is gonna come eat your books! (Does that sound scary enough? It does to him. It made him pick his books up from the floor and return them to the shelf, sometimes). 

"The fox who loves eating books" is a book for any child 3 year old onwards. It is a must have classic. It is funny, it is humorous, and again, it has a beautiful ending to it. This book is filled with imagination, and would surely spark your little one's creativity. Little J enjoys immersing himself in looking at the captivating illustrations. 

We did a beautiful fox mask after reading this book, and you can do it too, as the activity pack that comes along with the purchase of this book includes a water paint brush and a mini pot of toxin-free easy-wash paint (red). The fox mask is available from this link. Just go with the flow, register yourself, and you'll get a free fox mask template in your email.

I now have 15 new and genuine copies of "The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸 in Chinese (全新正版精装版)available for sale at RM35. It's for sale in the form of "Book & Activities Pack RM35" including the following: 
  • 1 x genuine hard-copy of "The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸" in chinese (new) 
  • 1 x paint brush + a pot of toxin-free toddler-friendly water color (red color)  
  • 1 x set of fox counting clip cards 
Price is not inclusive of postage.

Toddler's Book: A color of his own 自己的颜色 by Leo Lionni

A color of his own by Leo Lionni is another classic book which I wanna own in two languages. It talks about colors (so it is a great book to introduce colors to young preschoolers), about animals, about chameleon that changes color, but the most important reason why I highly recommend this book is because it exposes our children to the idea that we're all different, yet the same. Living in a multicultural society, isn't it often that someone gets stereotyped for being different, or not conforming to normalcy? Or simply for being himself or herself? (Let's think about gender, race, disability etc).I love the way it touches on issues of conformity, identity and differences in a very subtle non-preachy manner.

This book is about a chameleon who is distressed as he, unlike all the other animals, has not got a fixed color of his own. He changes color wherever he goes. He tries to find his own color. In the end, the chameleon finds peace, but totally not a way you or I were expecting. There is no need to illustrate the moral behind the story, occasionally, I'd raise open questions like: Why is the chameleon upset? Because it doesn't has a fixed color like everybody else? Because it is different? 

J loves the chameleon. He kinda dislike iguana, he kinda has a phobia towards iguana, but he has no problem with chameleon. Weird. But I am guessing it's the fact that chameleon changes color everywhere he goes that fascinates him, and thus he loves it. I made a chameleon for him using a transparency sheet. He has been playing with it for a few hours, changing color wherever he goes. He even told me, chameleon has spots!, when he placed the 'chameleon' on the spotted floor. 

I then got inspired and created a simple worksheet for him to make record of the 'chameleon's' color changes. We brought him outdoor, the 'chameleon' changed color from white with spots to orange to green etc. 

We did a lot of activities related to colors and chameleons over a few days. I have created a few simple worksheets for him including prewriting practice, chameleon puzzle etc.

I cut the chameleon puzzle and let him assembled according to the order of the numbers. I made it fun by allowing him to secure the puzzles on soft foam board using pushpins. He loved it and requested to do it again (and I am very sure it is because of the pushpins). 

In addition to that, we downloaded worksheets from  Many of this printable pack is catered for older kids, so we have only done some of those worksheets from here. 

Sorting based on the direction (left or right) the chameleon is facing. 

I love this 'concentrating' look of his

Counting from 1 to 30 and trace the missing numbers

Cut, match and glue

Color recognition

We did a chameleon craft with printable obtained from Learn Create Love. I encourage you let your little one color this chameleon using the pattern roller brush that comes along with this book. He will be amazed seeing the pattern that appears on the chameleon. 

I now have 15 new and genuine copies of "A color of his own" in Chinese (全新正版精装版)available for sale at RM35. It's for sale in the form of "Book & Activities Pack RM35" including the following: 
  • 1 x genuine hard-copy of "A color of his own" in chinese (new) 
  • 1 x transparency sheet Chameleon 
  • 1 x set of printables soft copy (3 pages) including printables for color recognition puzzle, prewriting practice and "I spy" what's its color. (to be emailed to you) 
  • 1 x pattern roller brush 
Price is not inclusive of postage.

Transparency sheet chameleon
Roller brush

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