Friday, August 21, 2015

Toddler's book: The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸

I first picked up this book because of this caption, 'The book that would make any child fall in love with reading'让每一位小孩都爱上阅读的一本书。 I am not worried that J wouldn't love reading. I think he does. I hope he does, anyway. But he doesn't appreciate his book. He steps on his books. He sits on his books. He has food and saliva all over his books. Maybe that's his ways of expressing affection? I wanted to use this book to tell him that if he's not gonna start taking care of his book, then Mr. Fox is gonna come eat your books! (Does that sound scary enough? It does to him. It made him pick his books up from the floor and return them to the shelf, sometimes). 

"The fox who loves eating books" is a book for any child 3 year old onwards. It is a must have classic. It is funny, it is humorous, and again, it has a beautiful ending to it. This book is filled with imagination, and would surely spark your little one's creativity. Little J enjoys immersing himself in looking at the captivating illustrations. 

We did a beautiful fox mask after reading this book, and you can do it too, as the activity pack that comes along with the purchase of this book includes a water paint brush and a mini pot of toxin-free easy-wash paint (red). The fox mask is available from this link. Just go with the flow, register yourself, and you'll get a free fox mask template in your email.

I now have 15 new and genuine copies of "The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸 in Chinese (全新正版精装版)available for sale at RM35. It's for sale in the form of "Book & Activities Pack RM35" including the following: 
  • 1 x genuine hard-copy of "The fox who loves eating books 吃书的狐狸" in chinese (new) 
  • 1 x paint brush + a pot of toxin-free toddler-friendly water color (red color)  
  • 1 x set of fox counting clip cards 
Price is not inclusive of postage.

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