Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Toddler's Book: Foundational Maths Sense Activity & Sticker Workbooks 阶梯数学

Preschool maths is not about teaching a preschooler number 1 to 10, or a mere introduction to colors and shapes. 

I think the title of this book is quite confusing. It's normal that we naturally associate 'maths' with the concept of plus, minus, divide or multiplication. And it is scary when people think we start teaching these to a little 3 year old. But this book is not that kind of workbook.It is a book with 46 pages of fun hands-on full-color activities, easy-to-follow directions that involves exposure to different element of maths to build on the skills necessary for learning and loving maths later on in school. 

The different elements of preschool maths activities include: 

  • Geometry (shape) 形状 
  • Measurement 对应比较
  • Spatial relations 空间知觉
  • Maths language - more/ less, bigger/ smaller, near/ far 数学语言
  • Number sense 
  • Patterning 
  • Positioning words
The books are available in sets of 2 (part A and B, each book has 46 pages of activities, with one page of stickers). Each set is available at RM30. Price is not inclusive of postage. 

There are 2 types available: 
2-3 year old (designed for preschooler) 
3-4 year old (designed for kindergartener) 


Maths language/ Spatial relations

Number sense

More/ Less

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