Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Starting solid for baby and beyond 宝宝辅食王中王

This book (300 pages) is a must-have for parents weaning baby and starting solids for the first time. It's loaded with simple, practical recipes and advice, including recipes to boost appetite 开胃、strengthen teeth 保护牙齿、allergy 过敏、vomiting 呕吐、diarrhoea腹泻、constipation 便秘、heatiness 上火 and more。The recipes carry you through each stage of solid introduction, from 4 month onwards up till 12 months,from purees and grains to finger foods. It also includes tons of tips and helpful hints on what babies should eat and shouldn't and the reason why.You'll learn how to put together ingredients, how to allow your baby to explore new tastes and textures and how to deal with feeding problems. 

Price RM36 (not including postage)

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  1. Hi hi.. Can I know where to get this book? My baby is already 12 months now but can her still eat the food as per the recommended book?


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