Friday, August 21, 2015

Toddler's Craft Books for Sale

Tear, Fold and Glue Craft Books 幼儿趣味小手工

  • A pack of 6 "Tear, Fold & Glue Craft" Books (over 70 crafts) on these themes 6本撕、折、粘趣味小手工(超过70幼儿手工):
    • Animal 动物
    • Building 建筑
    • Transportation 交通工具
    • Dinosaur 恐龙
    • Household item 生活用品 
    • Toys 玩具
  • Suitable for those aged 3 and above 3岁以上适用 
  • Activities that stimulates creativity and promotes bonding between parent/teacher and children 激发创造力及培养亲密亲子关系
  • Strengthen fine motor skills development 培养动手能力
  • Promotes visual motor integration and bilateral coordination skills 提升手眼协调 
  • Easy to tear, easy to assemble 手工已切模,简单合成步骤
  • Crafts are of stock card material, does not cause papercuts 手工纸厚实,不会割手
  • No scissors required 不用剪刀的安全小手工

Each book is sold at RM9.90. A pack of 6 books is now available at Offer Price RM40 (Savings of about RM20). Offer price is limited to first 100 sets. Price is not inclusive of postage. 每本原卖RM9.90,现在整套6本仅售 RM40.(优惠价仅限首100套)。不包邮。

Just to share: This is the glue that we use to assemble the craft. It, or any glue similar to it, should be available at most stationary shops. I bought this at RM1.90. So nothing too fancy nor too expensive. 

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  1. Hi Jennifer, are you selling this book? I would like to get one set. Thks


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