DONLiM Multifunctional Smart Breadmaker by Just Health

Tips on baking soft and fluffy bread
Kneading is extremely important in baking soft and fluffy bread and ensuring that the bread remains fluffy for the next 48hours. Kneading effectively will helps to distribute the liquid evenly and to activate the gluten in the bread, thus allowing the bread to rise more with more volume in it, thus resulting in fluffy bread. Donlim DJH10X smart breadmaker is designed to knead at a very high speed, up to 4.5rev per second, thus the bread it bakes are soft and fluffy with a nice crisp outer skin. A comparison between a C-brand breadmaker and Donlim DJH10X (the bottom one) will provide you with a general overview on its superb kneading speed and therefore its perfect loaf outcome.

Donlim Multifunctional Self-Programmable Smart Breadmaker (12 functions) (Imported) 多功能智能自设程序面包机 (12项功能)

Functions include: basic bread, French bread, wholegrain bread, knead, dough (proof), pizza dough, pasta, mantou, yogurt, jam, cake, glutinous kueh etc
Control mode: Computerized, 13-hour delay timer, 12 pre-programmed functions, self-programmable mode
Rated power and voltage: 600W / 220V
Temperature of baking: 170-200deg C (Convection heating)
Capacity: 700/900g
Crust setting: light, medium or dark
Material (baking pan): non-stick Nanogold coated bake pan
Material (motor): Taiwan-made, copper core
Product dimension: 26cmx36cmx30cm
Product weight: appox. 4.8kg
Boxed weight: approx. 5.8kg
For recipes by this breadmaker, please refer to the following link:
The purchase of this breadmaker comes with a physical copy of instruction manual and recipe book (in Chinese) and an electronic copy of instruction manual and recipe e-book (see photo below) with over 20 tried-and-tested recipes for bread loaves, buns, cakes, jam, yogurt etc.
Just Health now distributes this breadmaker. For more info, please send an email to


  1. Hi dear, what model is this donlim breadmaker?

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  2. hi, care to share the English manual? thanks!

  3. How much is this? Do you deliver to Singapore?

  4. May i know where can get this bread maker?

  5. happened to pass by here. I hv ordered the one w/o nut dispenser. Looking forward to the delivery. hopefully it's good after reading your review.

  6. hi Jennifer, do you know the approximately price for this BM?

  7. Hi are we suppose to put the ingredients in n set to dough function or can we set to bread making after putting in all the ingredients?
    Appreciate if u can help cos the recipe is in Chinese n I can't read chi :(

  8. Hi,

    Can you kindly share the e-recipes and any sugar free recipes if possible? The BM with nut dispenser i bought does not have any e-recipes.

    Thank you.

  9. hi I have the machine but don't have the instruction manual and recipe I able to purchase one from you? thanks

  10. hi, able to share the english recipe/manual??

  11. Hi there, I bought the machine and literally used the google translator app on my phone, to see if I can make a simple bread. The booklet that I have got is also in Chinese. The bread turn out OK and the only thing now is to try to translate all the other recipes with the translation app.
    Time consuming, but I hope worth it .
    Will recommend this machine but only, please translate the manual.


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