Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spinach bread loaf for breakfast (delay timer on Breadmaker)

I think the family and I are quite bored of the usual oat bread that we've been having so let's do something different for breakfast. I bought a few bunches of nice green spinach. Gave them a quick blanch in hot boiling water and puree them. I then used this green puree to bake a bread. I've set the breadmaker on delay timer (prepped everything at 8pm the night before and set the breadmaker on timer) so that I can have freshly baked loaf ready for breakfast.
It was 6:30 am and I could hear the sound 'beep beep beep' from my bedroom. I quickly ran downstair to check out the loaf. The aroma of the freshly baked bread has already assured me that it's good one. I opened up the lid and tada!! .. greeted by a great-looking green spinach loaf. I took the loaf out of the breadpan and let cool and gone to get ready for the day. By 7am, the loaf has cooled down nicely and was ready to be sliced.
I love the natural green color imparted by the spinach puree. But for those who doesn't like the green earthy taste from vege, don't worry. This green loaf doesn't have the green earthy raw taste.
For the sandwich filling, I used the same three-cheese filling that I have previously shared in my post on Japanese green tea loaf.

Updated 19th April 2014: This recipe only fits a 1-pound loaf tin. If you want a bigger recipe to fits a 2-pound loaf tin, try reference this.

For recipe of the green spinach loaf
Scalded dough
  • 100g bread flour
  • 70g boiling water 
 Pour hot boiling water over bread flour. Mix to combine. Leave cool for 30min in fridge.

Main dough
*The ingredients were added into the breadmaker pan in the following order
  • 100g spinach puree (prepared from pureeing blanched spinach)
  • 50g water (normal room temperature)
  • 40g grapeseed oil
  • 2tbsp soy milk powder / milk powder (I usually just add milk into my bread, but since this bread is not gonna bake until about 7hrs later, I wont be adding milk, fear that it may go off easily in Malaysian weather)
  • 2tbsp molasses sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 200g bread flour
  • 50g all purpose flour
  • pieces of chilled scalded dough scattered on the side, on top of flour
  • make a well in middle of flour, and place in 3/4 tsp. active dry yeast
Adjust settings for the bread: size - 700g ; crust - light.

Pre-set the timer. It was 8pm in the evening and I wanted the bread to be ready by 6:30am, so the timer setting would be 10:30 hour.

This is the breadmaker I've been using. For info, kindly refer here or email justhealthsandakan@gmail.com.


  1. Hi jennifer, thanks for sharing the recipe. Do we need to cool down the scalded dough before putting it into the fridge?

    1. Hi dear Jackie, I put it right into the fridge, that's my way of cooling it down.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    If you use milk instead of milk powder, how much will u put in? Thanks.

    1. Hi dear Wan Yi, if you're omitting milk powder, you may replace the 50g water with milk.

  3. Hi, I am a noob here, but this sounds ez that I wanna try... may I ask if 1 tbsp is tablespoon or teaspoon?

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I was searching for delay timer bread with scalded dough and found your site! thank you so much for sharing the recipe. I'd like to give it a try with my Noxxa/Amway oven which comes with Bread feature.

    May I know if I do not want to use spinach puree, what can I use to substitute?




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