Saturday, August 22, 2015

Toddler's book: Sticker activity book

This set of 4-books sticker books series is specially designed for children aged 2-4 year old (the 2-3 series) or 4 to 6 year old (the 3-4 series), making them suitable for preschool children or even those in kindergarten.  

这套丛书(共4本)是为2-6岁孩子所设计的涵盖创意、数学、语言、思维4大内容的贴子书。2-4岁的适用2-3 系列, 4-6岁则适用3-4系列。 每本书含 150-300 张贴纸,让孩子边玩边学习。  

* Creativity 创意
* Maths 数学
* Language / Reading 语言 
* Thinking / Analytical 思维 

Every book contains between 150-300 stickers. It's great as busy bag materials, or learning materials at after-school hours or when travelling. 

Each book is sold at RM15 each. Purchase a set of 4 books at Offer Price RM40。Price is not inclusive of postage. Please specify your choice of either 2-3 (for preschooling age 2-4 year old) or 3-4 (for those in kindergarten 4-6 year old). 

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