Monday, September 16, 2013

Japanese matcha swiss roll with adzuki bean filling

It's September 16th today and it's a public holiday. Hooray!! for the lil' fella. Having that said, he, once again, woke up extra earlier today! He somehow knew my plan of waking earlier to bake. He always wake earlier whenever I needed to wake earlier to bake. Oh well, as usual, I babywear him to bake.
It was my sis's birthday last week but she's now based in JB, so I couldn't treat her a birthday meal or cake this year. Coincidentally, my brother came back to Sandakan for his buddy's wedding. So I decided to bake it so that Leong can bring this back for Grace as her belated birthday swiss roll. She's a big fan of anything with green tea. Without hesitation, I did a little twist to my original recipe with 10-grain and sesame and turned in into green tea with red bean (or adzuki bean) filling. This is actually my first time attempt making swiss roll with green tea and I was keeping my fingers crossed it would turn out well. I was a little nervous working with green tea, similar to black charcoal, green tea may makes the sponge cake turns a little on the dry side. However, it turned out well, the sponge cake remained quite moist even though I didn't add in extra milk or liquid to the original recipe.


However, the green tea specks are quite visible even after baked. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be this way. I may have to try dissolve the green tea powder with warm-ish water/ milk, oh! and to sieve the green tea powder before use, for my next attempt.
All in all, a successful attempt!! Cheers to more perfect swiss rolls to come!

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