Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eggs Benedict (Ree Drummond) w. avocado creme sauce

One question, do I still call it 'Eggs Benedict' with a s if mine is made up of one egg? Anyone?
This was a breakfast I made for myself. This morning, within half an hour, I made three different breakfast incorporating avocado, one for myself, one for the lil' fella and another one for mommy dearest. My mom was having a poor tummy, she may not want raw egg yolk running on her breakfast plate. Instead, I made her scrambled egg. The lil' fella is not one yet, so I try to resist his egg yolk count to 3 per week. He had egg yolk last night. So for this morning's breakfast, he had oatmeal with red bean and avocado. 
I don't make Eggs Benedict all the time, actually, I rarely make it. I preferred scrambled or hard-boiled egg. The reason being I may fail making Eggs Benedict. As I mentioned, I like fail-proof methods. But for the purpose of joining the Cooking like a star organized by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids,  I have decided to take up the challenge and attempt this for my morning's breakfast, method by the Pioneer Woman Cooks.
First, bring a pot of water (about 4inch height) to a boil.  Add in 2 tbsp of vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar).
With a spoon, begin stirring the boiling water in a large, circular motion. When the tornado’s really twisting crack in an egg. Or two. Or three. (I cracked the egg into a bowl first, in case, I broke the egg yolk. Indeed, I cracked my first egg yolk. Luckily I was gonna make scrambled egg for mom, so the cracked egg yolk gets used up).  
The reason for the swirling is so the egg will wrap around itself as it cook, keeping it together.
Turn the heat to moderate simmer. Cook for about 2 ½ to 3 minutes. I cooked for about 2.5min and the yolk was already about 65% cooked.
Pick the egg up with a slotted saucer/ spoon. Leave aside to drip off the excess water.
Then I went ahead to prepare the sauce. For this, I needed to be really quick. The egg yolk may continue to cook and it may not be that runny anymore when I eat it.
Instead of the really nice Hollandaise sauce the Ree highly recommend, I made my own version of Avocado Crème Sauce. It wasn't because of the raw yolk in the Hollandaise sauce that put me off (I'm a hunter gatherer, I have no issues eating raw egg, sashimi or raw beef). I would love to give the Hollandaise sauce a try, but I ran out of butter. I used them all up making my slimmed-down chocolate brownies yesterday.
For the Avocado Crème Sauce, I used:
*Half a ripe avocado
*About 2tbsp flaxseed oil
*About 2tbsp full cream milk, add more or less to adjust the consistency
Heavily seasoned with cracked black pepper and rock salt
All the above ingredients are added in by eye-ball, so just play around with it until you achieve the consistency wanted.
Just mix or blend everything together. I used my hand-held mixer, as it's easier to wash compared a blender.
Having a baby at home, avocado is something I always have either on my kitchen counter or in the freezer. I freeze the very ripe ones, in case I can't get to eat them up in time.  I just peel off the skin, cut them into cubes and freeze them in freezer bag. It's creamy and makes sauces of great consistency, but also boosting with good nutrients, especially the omega-3 for the brain.

My mom's breakfast: Scrambled egg with avocado crème sauce

Lil' fella's breakfast: Red bean oatmeal with avocado and banana

I'm linking this post to Cook like a Star, organised by Zoe, Bake for Happy Kids, Yen from Eat your heart out and Mich from Piece of Cake. Wanna cook or bake like Ree Drummond? To join, simply cook or bake any recipe from The Pioneer Woman or her cookbooks and link with us at this Zoe's, this Yen's or this Mich's post for the whole month of September 2013.


  1. Love that avocado cream sauce of yours, so versatile!

    Thanks for your tip on freezing ripe avocado!! Much appreciated cos I have been throwing them out!

  2. How long can we keep the avocado cream sauce?

    1. Hi there, I usually finish anything with avocado within a day. When prepared into sauces or purees, avocado is exposed to air and it turns brown. Even though still palatable, but it's no more nice to be served due to the brown color.

  3. Hahah...noted. I thought make it into cream can keep longer

  4. Have made poached eggs plenty of times, but never Eggs Benedict at home though I love eating it. Just too lazy to make the hollandaise sauce :P

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    Seeing your delicious egg benedict, I'm feeling guilty... guilty of I'm not cooking any hot breakfast for my family :p

    I like your idea of eating benedict / scrambled eggs with avocado cream. Sounds heavenly!



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