Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hokkaido chiffon cupcake

This is my first attempt making Hokkaido chiffon cupcake. I have once tried a very soft and springy, yet not too dry version and loved it. The other reason I'm trying this out is also because we are having some visitors over from Seremban tomorrow and I thought it would be great if I can serve them with some homemade treats for tea time.
I took this recipe from one of my favorite baking blogger but I could only find muffin cups at home, so I had to settle with them. The recipe states to fill the batter up to the brim of the cup, which is exactly what I did. It started off rising nicely. At about 12th minute, it seems like it's going way over. I baked for about 14minutes, it came out a little on the brown side, but still acceptable. For next attempt, I would keep it at 12min. I waited for the sponge cake to sink down (it should sink down), but it didn't sink down nice enough to the edge.

Baking at 5th min

Baking at 12th min 
I then left it to chill in the fridge for it to be cooled enough to pipe the cream frosting in. We then left home to go to my in-law's place for dinner and was already lil' fella's bed time when we got home. I just left the piping to be done the next morning.
Coincidentally, lil' fella woke up extra early the next morning. He always knew my plan. In the end, I resort to babywearing him while piping cream into the cupcake. Lucky that I didn't have lots to pipe. But he was alright, he actually enjoyed watching me do it.
It was good that he woke early. It gave us enough time to pipe the cream, chill the cakes and get ready for breakfast. The lil' fella had banana and avocado oatmeal for breakfast, while I succumb to this yummy looking Hokkaido chiffon cupcake, accompanied by a nice big mug of TWG French Earl Grey tea.
Babywearing him while piping cream
It was a good one for a first attempt. The cream frosting was a little grainy, maybe because the non-dairy whipping cream I used was still in a semi-frozen state when I whipped it. The cupcake was a little on the dense side. I should have realized that when I prepared the batter. It was thicker than the previous chiffon batter I used for my swiss roll recipe, which I found quite amusing, because this recipe actually calls for 4 egg white and 3 egg yolk, shouldn't it be soft and spongy since there were more portion of egg white used? It could have been my nectarine puree. I used nectarine instead of mango (as per the original recipe). I had some really sweet juicy nectarine left over from my previous JB trip and I froze them so that I can use them for occasions like this. Yet, I couldn't taste much of the nectarine. What a waste! For  next attempt, I would try add in some fresh milk to make it lighter. All in all, good attempt, still.

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