Monday, September 16, 2013

Josh meets Mamalia (feat. Moo Cow Yogurt)

Mamalia from Moo Cow Yogurt Sandakan made an appearance and was giving away free yogurts. It was a Sunday and the lil' fella just got up from his nap. We went out for an afternoon 'yamcha' session and dropped by at Moo Cow for our lil' fella to meet Mamalia.

All of us was well surprised that he had no fear for the mascot Mamalia. In fact, he loved him. He was giggling non-stop playing with Mamalia and even extended his arms to him (a sign that he wanted Mamalia to carry him). The person in charge was terrified when he heard me saying that. Hahaaa.. he must be worried that the lil' fella may crush Mamalia. LOL!

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt Sandakan is available at Bandar Prima, Mile 4.

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