Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A colorful breakfast treat

I'm a morning person and breakfast is my favorite meal. Now, with the addition of the lil' one into the family, I got to rephrase that: The lil' fella and I are morning person and we love breakfast!
He wakes at about 6am ish every morning. He's my alarm clock. I take about 30min getting showered and ready. By 7am, we are in the kitchen preparing our breakfast.
Oatmeal is like a staple for our breakfast, though occasionally, we have homemade muffins, bread or cakes as our special treats. Even before his arrival, I take oatmeal quite frequently. Many friends have this huge 'dislike' for anything with 'oatmeal' consistency, but personally I love it. Aside than being a healthy kick-start meal for the day, oatmeal is also something easy to prepare. It's really fuss free.
For his oatmeal, I use a combination of organic rolled oat and quinoa flakes (a tablespoon each) with 1/2 scoop of his formula milk made up with about 1-2oz of water. This would be steamed for about 3-5min with fruit of the day, or whatever available in the fridge or on our kitchen counter. If there are no fresh fruits available, I always have some frozen banana, avocado or red bean (cooked) stored in the freezer.
Clockwise from top left: banana and avocado, peach, blueberries, red dragonfruit

Red bean and banana oatmeal

10-grain and black sesame oatmeal with red bean
My oatmeal doesn't appear as colorful as his, but it's how I love it. It's BLACK. I prefer mine with black sesame powder and 10-grain powder made up with water. My oatmeal combo are organic rolled oat with rye flakes which gives me lots of texture. I sometimes add in cooked red bean for extra fragrance. Prior to serving, just like the lil' fella's oatmeal, it's drizzled with about a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil.
I am a big fan of colors in my meals, of course, I'm not referring to the coloring from treats like M&Ms or smarties. I'm referring to the natural colors in food, in its most raw state. Having rainbow colors in our meals not only awakens the senses, but also give antioxidant boost.
So what colorful foods are you eating for breakfast this week?
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