Saturday, September 14, 2013

Discipline and baby

Even though I'm all for attachment parenting,  but it doesn't mean I will never say NO to the lil' fella. Discipline is a big concept and it will take time to be instilled. But it will start somewhere somehow. 
At his 10th month, there may not be distinct verbal two-way communication,  but the lil' fella clearly understands us. I felt that it's time he learns the meaning of NO.

It was bedtime and he is still messing around. I have no problem with that. It doesn't harm either of us and we have the whole night long. But when he starts crawling towards the electrical outlet mounted with chargers, he needs to know that it is not okay.
Over the times, I realized the lil' fella is the sort of baby/person that needs to be discliplined in a stern way. The more gentle style doesn't seem to create much impact.
What happened when I told him "NO, you can't do that, mommy will not sayang a naughty boy" (also gently patt his butt a couple of times to show that I'm serious), he stopped, sat and took my hands and babbled 'ma ma.. po po' (which means mommy please carry me)... Awwww.. part of the reasons why I wish that time stand still now and he will always be this cute lil' pumpkin pie. (Anyways, aee what I meant about this being the right time to start teaching discipline?)
Oh well, I know this is only the beginning of the entire toddler's mischief episodes and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Let's hope I stay sane going through it. He may call me a baddie or the NO! NO! Mommy, but in the name of love and discipline,  it has to be done!


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