Thursday, September 19, 2013

Durian swiss roll

I have made swiss roll many times. But, this, by far, is my best attempt!! Only till now, I am daring to share this recipe openly. Previously, the attempts were okay, but I have always felt that there was something wrong somewhere which I only rated them 9 out of 10 perfect, but I just didn't know what went wrong. Finally, I found out this time. I should have baked mine for 20min, instead of 25min as per the original recipe by Sonia. This time, it was just right. The skin wasn't thick nor brown. The sponge was soft and fluffy.
I have always used this recipe that Sonia uses instead of 孟老师's, which everyone uses, because Sonia has tried both method before and this recipe resulted in the best, soft and fluffy cake. This recipe fits my swiss roll tray (30cm x 26cm) perfectly, and I couldn't be bothered attempting another recipe trying to fit the size and to taste good with great texture at the same time.
So far, I have made green tea swiss roll with adzuki bean filling and 10-grain with sesame seed filling. I have adapted Sonia's recipe and made my own low-sugar 'skinny' version. This time, I have decided to try the same recipe making durian swiss roll. Jenny from Hong Kong is in Sandakan for a week. Again, she gave me a surprise popping into the shop with a Japanese sweet treats. We then left for a durian-hunting session about 18miles away from Sandakan. I came back with a headache travelling in the car with 4 durians. After I returned, I was told that headache is inevitable if we are stucked in a stuffy environment filled with durian aroma. Interesting ...
Anyway, other than the headache, I brought back 3 durians. I'm not a big fan of durian myself, none in the family is. The reason I bought them was because I wanted to bake with them. I have never baked nor made any sweet treats with durian before. I have always wanted to attempt them, but have never got my hands on some great durians. This is the best occasion. It's the mid-autumn festival today. So I have decided to make a durian swiss roll for Jenny, who's always so lovely. She brings in treats whenever she comes to Sandakan.

Here's the recipe (adapted from Sonia's):
Sponge cake batter
*5 egg yolk (medium)
*3.5 tbsp. organic grapeseed oil
*4 tbsp. full cream milk
*1 tbsp. brown sugar (you may use castor or icing sugar for softer fluffy texture)
*3/4 cup sifted cake flour (I used Japanese Superfine Flour)
*5 egg white (medium)
*2tbsp brown sugar (you may use castor or icing sugar for softer fluffy texture)
Swiss Roll Pan Size: 30cmx 26cm
Durian cream filling
1/2 cup non-dairy whipping cream
2-3 generous cups of durian flesh

1. Lightly whisk egg yolk with brown sugar.
2. Add in oil, stir to combine.
3. Add in milk, combine well.
4. Sieve in flour. Mix well. Set aside.
5. Beat egg white till the mix starts to foam.
6. Gradually add in brown sugar (make sure you don’t add all at once, add in gradually). Beat till egg white forms stiff peak.
7. Take 1/3 portion of egg white and use spatula to mix with egg yolk mix. Do not over mix. Just gently mix to combine.
8. Fold the balance of egg white mix with egg yolk mix. Combine well.
9. Pour batter into swiss roll pan lined with non-stick parchment paper.
10. Gently knock the swiss roll pan on the kitchen counter a few times to remove air pockets trapped in the batter.
11. Bake in preheated oven at 160deg C for 20min.
12. While waiting for the sponge cake to bake in the oven, whip up the whipping cream, add in durian. Stop whipping when the cream is whipped. Set aside in fridge.
To assemble swiss roll

1. Remove the sponge cake and invert the sponge cake onto another piece of parchment paper.
2. Slowly peel off the attached parchment paper from the cake.
3. Place a new piece of parchment paper over the sponge. Invert the sponge again.
4. Wait till the sponge cake is cooled enough to spread the cream, or else cream will melt.
5. Spread evenly a layer of durian cream filling.
6. Roll the cake to form a swiss roll. Chill for about 30min in fridge before cutting.
This recipe yields about 8 swiss roll, about 2.5cm width.


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