Monday, September 2, 2013

A great beginning ...

I have been wanting to blog for a very long time. Somehow, I just don't know where to start. A part of me think that I'm too late to join the blogging bandwagon. But another part of me insist that it's the best thing for me.

Recently, I've been busy planning for my son's 1st birthday, which is not till end of October. Hahaa.. I may sound crazy here planning so far ahead. You may call me mad, but I find great joy in the entire planning process. YC didn't understand why I wanted to go through all the hassle, but I still insist it. It's the lil' fella first birthday, one of the very crucial milestone to him and to me, as his mom. The past months has been the most challenging phase of my life, yet also the most awesome phase. First few months of sleepless nights, pumping out precious BM for the lil' fella, followed by another few months of making nutritious purees and porridges ... looking back, I wouldn't mind going through them all over again just to see him make his first crawl, first stand, speak his first word.

He's a Halloween baby. I had to remind myself that over and over. Somehow, I just miss the entire 'Halloween celebration' last year, as I was busy delivering the lil' fella and finding ways to soothe his loud cries.

Now that I'm in the party planning process, which I try not to share too much about the details yet, but still like to have somewhere to jot down every part of the planning stage, I'm finally compelled to start my blogging journey.

The theme is already finalized, it's gonna be navy and white stripes with orange for Halloween. I am gonna be in charge of the deco, the birthday treats table and also the birthday cake. Woohoo.. I would have never thought that I can take up the part for birthday cake, but I am. I shall share more about the details in another post. I have definitely been working hard past few days practicing on how to pipe cream frosting. As I'm not much of an artsy-fartsy person, making beautiful cream frosting seems to be a difficult task for me. Anyways, I still have ample time to improve on that.

Today is definitely a great beginning as I embark on my blogging journey, a blog about myself, my passion, my two loves (YC and the lil' fella) and everything else.

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