Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soy-pandan bread

I love pandan, especially baked stuffs made from freshly squeezed pandan juice.
From the soy-pandan chiffon cupcakes, I made extra soy-pandan juice so that I can bake bread with them. When these were baking in the oven, my whole house was smelling good, wonder if the scent was gonna chase away cockroach. Back then, my granny used to leave tied up pandan leaves in the cupboard to keep the cockroach at bay (wondering if it was cockroaches or lizards).
I baked these soy-pandan bread using an overnight fermentation method which I learnt from Catherine. It's an interesting one, it saves time and I can have the buns/bread done in shorter time span cos the first proofing was already done the night before. Simply summarized, it has two stages of mixing and kneading. First, the dough was kneaded the day before and left to proof at room temperature for an hour, and then kept in the fridge for at least 12hours. Then, the dough would be mixed and kneaded with a fresh batch of flour and liquid and left to proof for just 15-20min before I can shape and bake! In other words, the bread or buns can be ready in about 1 hour (inclusive of baking time!).
They have rough surface cos I was too lazy to apply egg wash.

I made two fillings for this soy-pandan bread. One is a sweet one with just dried organic blackcurrant, and the other one is a savory one with pumpkin and chicken curry I quickly prepared when the second stage mixing and kneading was in place (in the bread machine).
*I halved her original recipe
Sponge dough
  • 120g Soy-pandan milk (from fridge)  
  • 200g Bread flour (stored in freezer for about 45min)
  • 1tbsp molasses sugar (blitz to fine powder)
  • 1/2 tbsp. instant active yeast
Mix all and knead for about 5-10min. Let proof in room temperature for an hour. Then spread with oil over the surface of the dough and wrap enclosed tightly in a plastic bag, leaving no air for extreme fermentation/proofing. Leave in fridge for at least 12hours.
Main dough
  • 1 egg
  • 1tbsp soy milk (I added this in, cos the dough seems to be a little dry)
  • 100g bread flour
  • 50g all purpose flour
  • 2tbsp soymilk powder
  • 2tbsp molasses sugar (fine)
  • 1tbsp honey
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tbsp. instant active yeast
  • 20g butter plus 20g grapeseed oil
  • Cooked chicken breast and pumpkin curry (about 1cup which makes 3 bun)
In a breadmaker,
  1. Place liquid (honey, soy and egg) followed by flour and other dry ingredients, except butter. Combine. Put in the pre-prepared sponge dough pieces by pieces. Let knead for about 10min. Add in butter when all the liquid has been well absorbed by the dough.
  2. Divide dough into your preferred sizing (mine was 110g each). Let proof for 15-20min.
  3. Shape and bake. I bake these at 175deg C for 30min.

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