Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pumpkin bread (4hr liquid dough)

I have been sooo busy baking breads these days, that I haven't been updating my blog or cooking anything special for the lil' fella. Argh.. bad mommy bad mommy! When I discovered the 65deg C dough method, I was like sooo ecstatic like I've discovered a new land (发现新大陆). I was surprised that I can make such soft and fluffy bread without any bread improver nor softener, and even with a small scale toaster oven. I started selling them in the shop.

Strawberry cream cheese bun aka love bun

Homemade sambal and tuna bun

Cinnamon raisin twist

All time favorite - Multigrain fruit roll

I also tried Alex Goh's sweet bread dough which also give me the same result. Now that I am more familiar with bread-making, I continue to research and try out other different methods that give me great bread.

I came across a 4hr liquid dough fermentation method, which only requires 4 hour so I decided to try it out, but made a little adaptation to it to bake pumpkin bread.

Recipe adapted from here, translated by myself:

Liquid dough:

50g bread flour
100g water
1g (1/3 tsp) instant active yeast

Place all in a bowl and cover. Leave at room temperature for at least 4 hours.

Main dough
500g bread flour
257g pumpkin puree mixed with water (I used about 150g pumpkin puree mixed with 100g water)
2tbsp oat milk powder
60g honey
1tsp salt
1tbsp yeast
50g butter

Knead with all ingredients, except butter, till you get a smooth surface. This dough is not too wet or soft type, compared to the 65deg C or Alex Goh's method's dough. Butter is added in when everything is well combined and the moisture has already been absorbed by the flour.


Leave to proof for about an hour, or when the dough becomes double in size.
Divide the dough into four portions or three portions or into 100g bun size portion. Roll into a ball. Let rest for 15min.
Shape the dough into the desired shape. (I'm not a pro when comes to making loaf bread, as you can see, yet to improve)
I made them with two different fillings:
1. A savory one made from fresh basil leaves (chiffonade), sundried tomato, black olives and garlic (all thinly sliced and marinated in olive oil with salt and pepper)
2. A sweet and savory one made from homemade tahini spread (my healthier version of peanut butter)



For this, I baked them at 175 deg C for about 20min in my toaster oven.
The recipe yields a loaf and two 130g baton and one 100g round bun.

I freeze them and just steam them for about 10-15min when I wanted to eat them. Check out the tuna sandwich I made using these pumpkin bread (frozen and steamed to thaw).


  1. Hi Jennifer, happy to came across your blog.Thanks for taking time in sharing. I am thinking to get a Khind oven, but unsure about the functionality. From your blog, seem like it can handle Bread baking too! I always doubt on toaster oven capability due to the temperature precision. Could you share your trick in that?

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