Thursday, November 14, 2013

Roasted vege pizza (wholemeal)

This is not much different from the previous roasted vege pizza that I made. Equally delicious. But it is more 'wholesome'. Hahahaaa.. wanna know how I try to mask the guilt of having too much cheese and carb in such a beautiful dish? I use wholemeal flour to make the base. I guess that makes it seem healthy. This time, I didn't use a rolling pin to roll out the pizza base, I just use my bare hand (isn't that how pizza is done traditionally?). So it didn't turn out to be too thin. But just right. The dough was soft and fluffy. Wholemeal flour didn't spoilt it at all.
For recipe, please refer here.
For this more wholesome version, I have just substituted 2 cups of flour with 1.5cup plain bread flour + 1/2cup wholemeal bread flour. I may try it with a different ratio next time, or possibly with rye flour.


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