Saturday, November 16, 2013

BBQ chicken and mushroom pizza (toaster oven)

Pizza.. again??
Yep, it's the second time I'm eating pizza this week. Hahaa.. I can't help it. The pizza dough I made was always too much for one meal (for 2-3 pax), and that Ree Drummond mentioned the dough would be better and tastier if left in fridge for a few days. So I always make one recipe, so that I can have another serving of pizza using a few days old dough. This dough was made for breakfast on Tuesday, and it's Saturday today, which means this dough is about 4-5days old. Is it still ok? It looks fine. It does smells very yeasty, but the BBQ chicken and cheese masked the yeastiness once baked. Honestly, in my opinion, there wasn't much difference between this and the one baked on Tues.
The filling this time is different, no more a vegetarian one, I marinated minced chicken with minced garlic and HP sauce, salt and pepper, I grilled the marinated chicken with sliced mushroom and green bell pepper seasoned further with minced garlic and olive oil. Also note that I arranged them quite differently this time. I arrange the sliced tomato after I sprinkled on the grated cheddar, and this time, my sprinkle of cheese was not as generous, cos we're out of stocks on cheese. Arggh.. got to replenish soon. In this household, cheese gets eaten up quick, cos MOI am a huge cheese lover, and am making the lil' fella ONE too! Hahaa.. it's great protein source with calcium. Good for the mommy, good for the baby. Why not?
With a toaster oven, I baked this pizza at 190deg C for 13min. (can probably do with 180deg for longer time.. shall try that next).

I don't use the rolling pin to roll the pizza dough anymore. I actually like the rustic look and the texture of hand-stretched and pressed pizza. It also gives me the thicker sides.

Another wholesome lunch!

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