Friday, November 29, 2013

Roasted cashew nut milk crepe

After yesterday's crepe, I decided to make crepes for breakfast again. And of course, I never repeat the same stuff. This time, I tried making them using a roasted cashew nut milk which I freshly made. The cashew nut milk is made from roasted cashew and walnuts, and it wasn't sweetened, so it's quite subtle but fragrant from the natural nutty aroma.
Today's crepe looks more like chapatti, due to the color. The recipe was from yesterday's crepe, but I replaced the milk with my homemade nut milk. My filling today was my homemade 'nutella' made from roasted cashew nuts and walnuts drizzled with honey, whereas the lil' fella had his with caramelized banana (which he had share most of his with Pepper, our dog -.-).

My homemade nutella (roasted cashew and walnut butter)

Pepper is a beauty. And she's massive.

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