Monday, June 16, 2014

Sweet potato salad with sweetcorn and cream cheese sauce

Does salad mean 'low fat' to you? Haha! Then I'm here to tell you, not necessarily! Here's a very easy Sunday salad lunch I prepped for my son. I love my Sunday very much. We get to sleep in and wakes at 8am (instead of 6am, cos I need to prep his lunch during the weekdays to be brought over to the nanny's), and best of all, I get to spend at least 3 to 5 hours watching Korean or Taiwanese drama (yeah!! Korean drama marathon! doesn't that sound superb!?) I have been watching the Korean drama 'The Inheritors' starred by the very famous Lee Min Ho. I find that Korean dramas are quite 'dramatic' and out of reality and my hubby would say 101 negative critiques about these drama. But I just like using zero brain cells watching them, so chillaxing!
To prepare this salad as a brunch or supper, or your baby's main meal, you'll need
*Half a medium size sweet potato, steam-cooked
*1tbsp sweet corn, steam-cooked
*1 hard boiled egg
The sauce is prepared by mashing
*2tbsp cream cheese (warmed up by microwaving for about 20sec in microwave) with
*1tbsp basil olive oil (or any olive oil)
Seasoning (optional)
*Pinch of salt
*Cracked black pepper

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