Monday, June 16, 2014

Pasta with crispy breaded fish fillet

At 19month old, the lil' fella isn't the perfect eater everyone thinks he is. Hahahaa... he has always been portrayed or perceived as the ideal baby food connoisseur. I don't have problem of feeding him. He loves his food. Thank God almighty. But there are certain texture  or food that he is not fond of and he'll not force them through his throat. For instance, he doesn't fancy ice cream, but the cone. He eats pau, but just the skin, not the filling, even if its sweet creamy pandan paste filling nor nice savory char siu pork. He loves my bread, but not with jam. He loves them plain. The most important note I want to remember for ever, now, he still prefers my cooking than any other food he eats outside! (despite that the meals I cooked are much lighter in terms of flavoring, salt nor oil) Hooray! I know this will not last forever, so even if it's just for a short while of time, I am still happy.
This is a simple but a little fancy lunch I prepared for him. I have not done anything breaded or crispy ever since I left Padley's working as a Food Tech. During my internship year in the UK, I used to work as a Food Technologist working on recipes for McDonald's. So I was working in the test kitchen and roaming through the poultry factory EVERYDAY! I don't miss those early morning hours test-running new recipes in the factory. So cold! Brrrr!! But I definitely appreciate the 'breading' skills I learnt from there. There wasn't a need to refer to any recipe. My hands just knew what I needed to do to make this.
So, here's the recipe for a simple crispy breaded fish fillet (or chicken fillet)
*1 egg, beaten
*1/2 cup all purpose flour
*1/2 cup bread crumb (made from 2 days old bread, toasted and blended to fine powder) mixed with 1/2 tbsp. black sesame
*few white fish fillet (I used threadfin), thinly sliced
*Dash of liquid amino (Bragg's) as seasoning or pinch of salt with black pepper powder
*Dash of toasted sesame oil
*1-2 tbsp. grapeseed oil or rice bran oil (for frying the breaded fish fillet)
Beat the egg with 1tbsp water in a bowl. Place the all purpose flour and bread crumb in two separate plate.
Marinate the fish fillets with liquid amino, black pepper and toasted sesame oil.
Dredge the sliced fillets in flour, coating both side with flour. Shake off the excess flour, then dip in beaten egg, drip off excess eggy liquid, then place them in the bread crumbs. Gently press crumbs onto both sides of fish, coating them completely.
Preheat a frying pan. Add oil and heat until hot. Fry the fillet for about 2min on each side (depending on thickness) until golden brown.
Serve with cooked pasta, drizzled with basil oil.
You may prepare tomato-pumpkin sauce to go with it.

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