Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Effortless cleaning with Dyson DC63

I love Dyson's vacuum. It's not your typical vacuum machine that comes with a bag. I've been told by a Dyson's engineer that vacuum that uses bag loses suction over time. The bag can be clogged with dirt obstructing airflow therefore losing its efficiency to suck in dirt. Due to its bagless design, Dyson is known for its vacuum that never loses suction. It's not your typical vacuum machine that weighs a tonne. I used to refuse to lug out my old bulky vacuum machine from my storeroom because I felt that the effort of bringing it out and around the house outweigh its cleaning efficiency. The new Dyson DC63 is super lightweight (you can check out its size in comparison with my little fella aged 19mth old), making cleaning effortless. Again, it's not your typical vacuum machine that looks unwelcoming if you leave it around in the house. Dyson's products are available in very fancy and modern color and design, even after use, I felt it's okay to have it hanging around in the house, so my guests will be reassured that the house has just been cleaned (hahahahaa...) and Dyson's products are always great conversation starter.  
Here's something I know about James Dyson, the founder of all things Dyson, he's the inventor of world's first dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. It actually took him over 5000 failed prototypes before he finally came up with his bagless invention that made him a household name throughout the UK and the world. Now, something about the new DC63, while working on the machine, the company sent team of engineers to real Japanese home (note: Japanese are one of world's most cleanliness-obsessed nation) to understand cleaning habits, and to ensure that the new machine would perform at any average home.

He calls it his 'car car'.

Very visual instruction manual

Installation As usual, Dyson DC63 arrived in a neatly packaged box and a very visual instruction manual. With the manual, it doesn't take a genius to click every part in place. I am sure I figured it out in less than 5 minutes. Aside its carbon fiber turbine head, it also comes with two tools, ie a brush with crevice and a stair tool, allow for cleaning at the most difficult corners or small gaps. There's a holder that clips the tools together on the wand, see photos below, so there's no way I will lose them.

Tools holder that clips onto the wand.

The tools, ie brush w/ crevice and stair tool

With the clip-on-holder, the tools always stay with the wand, making it lose-proof.
Cleaning Efficiency The new DC63 technology boasts on its ability to pick up even more dust than any other vacuum cleaner, and it's unseen dust that it picks up, not just the common human hair, pet's hair, but allergens, spores and bacteria. So I decided to test it out when my house has just been cleaned and mopped (it looked 'spotlessly' clean). After a round of vacuuming the living room, the sofa cushion and my son's play mattress, I was shocked to see how much dust and hair it had captured (see photo).
I then took away the cushion and revealed the sofa foam which I was sure wasn't cleaned since Chinese New Year, there were tiny seen dirt and food debris which would be difficult to be cleaned by a conventional broom or cloth. I used the brush tool to vacuum the sides and it effectively suck up more dirt and debris (How did I know? I heard the noise as the debris hit the bin and it's visually seen as the debris gets collected in the bin). I felt a great sense of satisfaction to see the bin collecting dust and debris from my furniture. All of us hang out a lot in our living room and this is also the lil' fella's play area. These unseen dust and debris can be the major trigger of asthma and sinus allergy. The improved technology is more efficient in terms of picking up dirt as small as 0.5 microns, in other words, that's 1/10th the diameter of our hair. I am very impressed with the new Dyson DC63.
I have used the turbine head to clean my baby's sleep mattress boy.. oh .. boy.. I was worried looking at the amount of dirt collected. A good reminder of the need to clean it more frequently.
This is ME testing out Dyson DC63.
Note: The turbine head is ultra-flexible for easier steering at awkward corners. The wand can be extended to suit your height and to reach hard-to-reach places.
We also have two furry babies living outside our house. They do shed a bit and their hair gets into the house. Their hair are light so they can be difficult to be broom-cleaned. In addition, their hand tend to gets collected at areas and gaps that are difficult to be wiped or broomed or even vacuumed. Again, I used the soft brush tool to effortlessly pick up the hair and also lizard's poop.

Maintenance Minimal maintenance and cost is needed for Dyson DC63. No bag is used, so there is no need to change or source for its bag. I just empty the bin after every cleaning session. The clear bin can be washed with water every few uses. There are two filters that are washable (one is as shown in photo below). These HEPA air filters are the ones that help trap every bit of dusts from escaping, including dust mites, pollen, and dusts etc.
The NEW Dyson DC63 is now innovated to work with greater efficiency but much lesser of the noise issues. It's perfect for families with babies and toddlers, and also those with pets. In my humble opinion, this is a very solid investment. Dyson DC63 costs RM2859 and has a 5 years guarantee.
Find out more about Dyson on their Facebook or their website Find Dyson's Malaysia's retailers here.
Are you a Dyson fan too?
Disclaimer: Product provided. No compensation received. The honest opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Jennifer, where did you purchase the DC-63 from?

  2. Hi Jennifer, have u tried cleaning inside the clear bin, the cylinder/drum part which is covered by the mesh? I found dust accumulated behind the mesh. Wonder if you are experiencing the same.

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  4. my dyson is starting to smell bad is it safe to clean the clear bin with washing up liquid.. how to clean a cotton candy machine

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