Monday, June 16, 2014

Quick no-soak black soy oatmeal

My buddy Kelly asked me if I can snap a photo of all the food me and my lil' fella eats and then send to her, she wants to follow and eats healthier. Sometimes I do wonder. Do I really eats healthier than the others? Oh well.. but I do control on my snacks intake. These days, all bread and cakes are mostly home-baked. I have cut down on munching on crisps. We try not to have them appearing at home, cos I don't want my lil' fella to be munching on them. We snack on yogurt (plain yogurt with fresh fruits) or homebaked muffins or cakes. This recipe I'm sharing is something I can easily prepare in less than 5 minutes. I usually have it when I get hungry at this hour (it's now 4:37pm) with about 3 hours before dinner time. The best thing about this quick no-soak oatmeal, if one bowl isn't enough to fill me up, I can have another bowl. The guilt-sensation of it is almost zero!

You'll need
  • a small bowl or a mug
  • 3tbsp rolled oat
  • 2-3tbsp black soymilk powder
  • half a cup of hot water
  • black sesame seeds
This is a nice healthy snack that is great as breakfast or a late night supper too. It's high in dietary fiber, great for those with or without constipation. Why black soy? Black soy is bursting with iron, great pick-me-up nutrients especially for the ladies.


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