Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cinnamon and raisin roll

It's public holiday today! It's the birthday of our Yang di-Pertuan Agong. When I told my hubby who works half day on Saturday that it's public holiday today, he was nowhere near excited. Instead, he answered, 'what's so special about a public holiday that falls on Saturday?, nowadays, public hols meant holiday for the nanny (yea.. our nanny gets it off every public holiday) but 'work' day for me!' Hahahaaaa!! So true indeed.  That's because I don't get a day off cos I operate an organic shop and we don't close on minor holiday like this. So the hubby got to stay home and takes care of an actively roaming and actively 'speaking' toddler at home :p Deep at heart, I felt glad and lucky that I have a hands on hubby who does that :)
Now here's a cinnamon and raisin roll that I made yesterday for the little fella's snack today. I kneaded the dough using my faithful breadmaker.

First, prepare the scalded dough
  • 100g wholemeal flour or plain bread flour 
  • 70g hot water
Combine both with a folk or spoon. There is no need to knead. Just combine and leave in a container in refrigerator while you prepare the rest of the ingredients (about 15-20min). You can prepare this ahead and keep in the fridge for up to 24hours. Add into the main dough when the main dough has kneaded for about 5min in the breadmaker (see step 2 below).
The main dough
*The ingredients are listed in the order they are added into my breadmaker
  • 50g (about 4tbsp) rice bran oil
  • 250g almond milk (made from almond milk powder)
  • 4tbsp brown sugar
  • pinch of salt   
  • 300g high protein flour
  • 100g all purpose flour
  • 3/4tsp baker's yeast (instant active dry)

The following ingredients are used later on, see step 5 below.
  • 3tbsp toasted, walnut and pumpkin seeds (optional)
  • 4tbsp chopped sultana raisins
  • 2tbsp brown sugar mixed with 2tbsp cinnamon powder
  • Egg wash (made by beating one egg with 2tbsp milk)
After final proof, ready to go into the oven.
  1. I have kneaded the dough using the 'DOUGH' mode with my breadmaker.
  2. When all the ingredients has combined together, I add the scalded dough in pieces.
  3. The breadmaker would finish kneading and go through a proving phase (about an hour).
  4. Once it finishes its DOUGH mode, remove the dough from the breadmaker and punch it to remove trapped air.
  5. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough to a flat rectangular shape (measuring about 1cm thickness). Sprinkle with cinnamon brown sugar mix generously over the rectangle dough. Then sprinkle with the raisins, chopped pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Then roll the dough like swiss roll (see photo above) and slice to about 12-15 pieces. Place the sliced roll on a greased baking tray.
  6. Brush the top with egg wash and sprinkle with brown sugar (optional).
  7. Let the dough proof for another 45min or until the dough doubles its original size. **I have always done this second proof in an oven (without turning it on).
  8. Preheat the oven to 165degC, bake for about 20min.   

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