Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breakfast in a jar: chia oat pudding with coral glass jelly

I love making beautiful ensemble for breakfasts. Something like this. We feel jolly looking at it and eating it. The lil' fella was so happy when he saw this. He finished them all. 

This is an easy one, almost like the overnight oat and chia pudding that we've been eating daily, but it has an additional layer, which is the coral g;ass jelly as the bottom layer. Coral glass is a type of seaweed. It is also commonly known as sea bird-nest or the poor man's birdnest, as it resembles birdnest in terms of their dense collagen and high nutrients content. 

According to an info by Matanjun et al, 2009, coral glass jelly contains 10times richer amount of collagen than birdnest, 37 times more calcium than cod liver. It is low in fat and calories but bursting with nutrients like magnesium, iron, sodium and calcium. 

You can see more about it in this previous post

To prepare the bottom layer
*2-3tbsp soaked and cleaned coral glass jelly (see previous post on instructions to clean them)
*1/2 cup of fresh milk 
*1tbsp dark muscovado sugar 

Or here's another recipe using apple juice 
*2-3tbsp soaked and cleaned coral glass jelly 
*1 cup of apple juice 

Boil everything in a pan and continue to stir until the coral glass jelly dissolves. Pour into glass jar to set in the fridge. 

In another container, prepare the chia seed and oat pudding with 
*2/3 cup of rolled oat 
*1 cup of fresh milk
*2tbsp chia seeds 

For more idea on the chia seed or overnight oat recipe, please refer here

Combine everything and stir until the chia seeds are distributed evenly. Let set in the refrigerator. 

The next morning, pour the chia and oat pudding onto the coral glass jelly. Top with chopped fruits or nuts. 

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