Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fried charcoal noodle with dried shrimp

Ermmm.... now.. how should I start.. I haven't been blogging properly for the longest time ever, so many things had happened, and I have no idea how I should summarize all in one short blog post. Okay.. most things that happened are good stuffs... so it's worth a mention.. let me do them in point form:

* I have finally bidded good-bye to my Samsung S2 which I've been using for 21month (I remember the date clearly, cos it was a pre-give-birth pressie from my dad) and gotten myself a mi3 (aka xiaomi) which I'm quite happy with 

* We have also bidded good-bye to TM internet and treated ourselves with Yes 4G which should allow me to enjoy 5x the speed of the conventional 3G. Fingers crossed it would :) 

* I made a business trip to Korea for a week and left the lil' fella at home with the hubby. The hubby managed it fantastically, and life went on normal (more than normal.. according to hubby, the lil' fella behaved better without me around :~ ) when I weren't around. I aint sure if I should be happy or not knowing this. Hahahaaa... but one thing I'm sure, I can plan more biz trip or girls trip in the future. LOL.

* The lil' fella has much more vocab now. He knows majority of the animals he sees on the animal video or the animal book, crocodile, monkey are his favorite. He somehow is fearful of gerbil but he's okay with guinea pig. He also started saying 一二三 in Mandarin and one, two, three, four, five in English. And I haven't properly taught him that. He could have picked them up elsewhere.

* I am back to zumba-ing.

* I have been addicted to instagram-ing. Not that I'm instagram-ing, but I am addicted to checking out beautiful posts on other people's instagram.

* I finally settled my car loan of 7 years. So my suzuki swift is now all mine :D

* My brother is leaving for Japan for further studies in September. We are all proud and happy about it, cos it gives all of us one more destination to fly to in the future. In fact we were already planning the trip to Japan way before he was confirmed with the uni-acceptance and scholarship. LOL  

* Mom's back in Sandakan, which I'm super chuff off, she hasn't been back here for over half a year. This fried charcoal noodle brekkie was made by her. Somehow it tastes much more delicious than the ones I make.

See?... you know what I meant by so many things had happened in such short time? There are more.. but I better stop here. I shall share on the recipe for this simple yet delicious fried charcoal noodle with dried shrimp (I still think the reason it's delicious is because it's made by my mom.. you know how all of us always miss mom's cooking?) 

Recipe (serves 4 adults and 1 baby)
*1tbsp dried shrimp (soaked in water till soft and chopped finely) 
*3 clove garlic, minced
*Half an onion, thinly sliced 
*Half a carrot, julienned 
*Half a zucchini, julienned 
*Few cabbage leaves, julienned 
*Charcoal noodle, cooked in boiling water till soft

1. Heat up 1-2tbsp rice bran oil in a heated wok. Fry half of the minced garlic, onion and dried shrimp till fragrant. Stir in and stir fry the charcoal noodle for about 3-5min. Set aside.
2. In a clean wok, heat up a tbsp rice bran oil. Stir fry remaining garlic, carrot, zucchini and cabbage until veg turns soft. Stir in fried noodles. Season with Bragg's liquid amino and salt.

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