Thursday, August 21, 2014

Breakfast: A vibrant start

Breakfast spread for the lil' fella and I. 

Brunch take-away packed for dear hubby. 

Every once or twice in a week, I 'treat' our body to breakfasts like these. See the way I use the word 'treat'? I'm not sure if my hubby will agree with the use of word 'treat', he may think it's a torture to eat breakfasts like these, but all I know, our body will definitely thank us for it. Raw vegetables are bursting with enzymes and antioxidants. The cooking / heating process destroys or deactivates these enzymes. By eating them raw, we are actually helping our body to digest them and absorb the good stuffs much easier and quicker. We're also helping our liver and kidney to lessen their workload-of-the-day for having less chemicals to be processed. The more processed the food is (more additives added into it) the more work our organs need to do. When there's less work to do, our body will channel the energy to other important tasks like detoxifying or rejuvenating (repairing). Now you get why I describe this as a 'treat' to the body? 

My hubby suffers from the occasional build up of uric acid near his joint (which he complains of the very subtle aches on his wrist). Even though he exercises on a regular regime, it is still not possible to flush out the uric acid build-up effectively. This shows, staying fit - is more than just exercise. It also involves diet of fresh fruits and vegetables (more vegetables than fruits, to be exact, no point stuffing ourselves with durian or mangosteen that does more harm than goodness), drinking little or no caffeine (which would not happen for my case - am a caffeine addict), having a low intake of alcohol (checked!) and a lifestyle with minimal stress (hopefully, checked too!). 

Now .. you wonder why this post. This isn't what I usually blog about. This week has been quite gloomy. We've been bombarded with news of close friend and distant friends diagnosed with cancer, dying of cancer and passed away. Obviously there are more than two cases here that I'm referring to. More and more people are diagnosed of cancer. It must have got something to do with the toxins build-up in our body. So do your body a favor. Treat them an occasional retreat by having a rejuvenating breakfast. 

P/S: the lil fella is turning 22month old in a few days time. Guess what? He actually loves eating the raw salad leaves. He loves munching on the tomato and of course, the croutons were his favorite. Instead of finishing his portion of overnight rolled oat with yogurt topped with his favorite cereals, he helped me cleaned up my plate of raw salad. 

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