Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Purple loaf 紫米土司

I am addicted to creating marble effects lately, been doing it in chiffons and my bread loaves. This time I have done it with purple rice 紫米。 This purple rice loaf is quite commonly seen among the Chinese blogosphere. I love the color it renders, thus I made double portion of the dough (half white and half purple), halved it to be baked into a loaf, and the other half was made into two bread rolls. 
I have this really nice organic purple rice which I've always been adding into my red bean dessert. It helps to create creamy red bean soup dessert. According to its packaging, purple rice is very rare and thus have always been highly prized. When cooked, it has a wonderful fragrant. It is rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamin B1, B2, B17 and 17 types of amino acids and other nutrients. These nutrients help to boost up blood circulation and replenish iron needs, especially for pregnant ladies and kids  (紫米因产量稀少,历代帝王,都把它视为贡品。 煮熟的紫米,香味极佳,含丰富的钙、铁、蛋白质、维他命B1, B2 及17 种氨基酸等人体所需的多种微量元素,有助促进血液循环,有助于改善孕妇、儿童缺铁性状况。) 。。。 Reading this, I think this will be my favorite loaf from now on :D
I have used my favorite soft and fluffy loaf recipe, but replaced the red bean with cooked purple rice. Purple rice cooks quite easily, it only took about 20-30min in a normal pan of boiling water. I have also added about 2tbsp of cooked purple rice into my breakfast oatmeal.

Cooked purple rice has this pretty glossy-look.


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