Thursday, April 17, 2014

Golden butter loaf 老式面包

This is a very famous soft and fluffy bread recipe that's popular among the Chinese bloggers. I don't know how to translate its name into English, 老式面包  is literally translated as 'the olden style bread'.  It takes a long time but the results are worth it. If you read Chinese and would like to hear stories about this recipe, see here.
I have not changed or adapted this recipe, so I'm not gonna repeat or copy the recipe here. Refer to the link above for the recipe. If you're looking for something nice, soft and buttery, try it. It takes about 5hrs, inclusive of the sponge dough stage, but it's worth a try. Bernice whom I follow has also done the same bread, which you may also refer for easier reference.
The entire loaf was kneaded and baked in my Donlim breadmaker.
Can you see how soft it is?

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