Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tot School: Learning about B and Bus

I was very fortunate to be following mommy Bear Lim's blog and insta and got updated that she developed some materials for her girl. Coincidentally her girl is only a few months ahead of Josh so most of the program that she planned fits Josh pretty well. I downloaded this entire bus themed materials and Josh loves most of them, except the one to do with numbers, maybe because he's still not familiar with numbers yet. 

Materials are downloadable from here. So this few days, we are basically doing most of her worksheets, combined with some that I planned for his gross motor development (outdoor play) and science activities. Josh's tot school also includes baking. It wasn't my intention to include baking as part of his tot school activities, but because I got to bake to plan for my demo event coming Sunday, so I make it appropriate to involve him during the baking. 

These are some of the activities done for the past few days: 

Bake session: Baked a mini chiffon cake using our Donlim breadmaker. He helped me pour in the sugar when I was combining the ingredients with a hand-mixer. 

Gross motor activity: Box bus 
Used a used box, sticked a 'bus' photo outside the bus, told him it was a bus and let him 'drive' (pull with a string) the bus along outside our house and let him 'pick-up' some passengers (his toys). I put in some heavy books into the box so that he'd use his core muscles for the 'pulling'. 

Bus theme activities: 

Coloring (with papa)

Do-a-dot for letter B and bus

Shape recognition

Science activities: Eye dropper and kitchen paper - Concept of hydration and dehydration 
This is a good one to educate on the importance of drinking more water. For Josh this managed to act as a constant reminder for him to drink more water. First I cut out two man / woman or boy and girl shape on a kitchen paper, then I made some colored solution (using his water color mixed with water) and let him use an eye dropper (pipette) to hydrate the kitchen paper men. Once he's done, I air dry the kitchen paper men for 24hours. The next day, I let him touch on the kitchen paper men and asked why has the men dried up? I continued, that's because the men has not been drinking water. The same will happen to you if you don't drink water. And there he goes, reaching out for his cup for more sips of water.  

I love letting him do science activities because (1) they are fun and secondly he would sit there focused on his activity for a pretty long time without closed supervision if it doesn't involve any dangerous or harmful objects. 

About ourselves: My face 
Under this topic, we have learnt about our face, and proceeded to building a face for Mr. Potato Head. Under his construction, Mr. Potato Head looks more like potato bird but I cant find no fault to that. 

Learning about numbers 
Since the school that he attends is more phonics orientated, he is still not familiar with numbers. So whenever the activities or worksheets are related to numbers, he doesn't seem to be interested. However, this busy bag material is the only one that gets his enthusiasm. He's been playing with this over and over, even during dinner time. The materials used, except for the popsicle sticks, the eye and the number stickers, are gifts from my cuzz from Hong Kong. 

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