Thursday, March 12, 2015

Breadmaker butter and milk oat loaf (Baking with little one)

Now that the little fella is about 2 years + we do a lot of stuffs together. Everyday at 5pm, I'd try to leave my shop earlier so we can have more time for some playtime or activities before we depart for our in-law's for dinner. Yesterday, we did a lot, other than the activities for Josh's tot school, we baked a very aromatic butter and milk loaf. This is the age that they want to be involved helping us with all kind of tasks, and cooking or baking is one of them. I felt that when he's involved in making the food, he eats more of them. This loaf took about 3 hours to bake, so it was already bed time by the time it was done. He was only able to see and taste it the next day and he loved it, he was picking out the pistachio to munch on. 

Baking this was quite simple, as it is a straight dough recipe which requires no advanced preparation of a starter dough or what not. All I needed to do was to weigh the ingredients and to put them into the breadmaker pan according to its order. The little fella helped me out in doing some parts of the ingredients input. He loved it and was checking out the dough with me when the breadmaker was doing the kneading. The loaf was made using my trusty Donlim breadmaker

Ingredients (placed into the breadmaker according to the following order): 
  • 80g whipping cream 
  • 150g cold milk 
  • 2tbsp rolled oat, organic 
  • 3tbsp brown sugar 
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 270g high protein flour (bread flour)
  • 30g all purpose flour 
  • 3/4 tbsp instant active dry yeast 

  • 30g butter, chopped into small little cubes (to be added in later, see instructions No. 5) 
  • 3tbsp pistachio (added in later, see instructions No. 6) 

  1. Remove the breadpan from the breadmaker. Make sure the kneading blade is fitted in. 
  2. Add all the ingredients, except butter (in the order listed above) into the breadpan. 
  3. Insert and lock the breadpan into the breadmaker. 
  4. Select mode no. 1 (basic bread mode 标准面包),select WEIGHT重量as 900g, select CRUST INTENSITY烧色as LIGHT浅 and press START启动。
  5. The kneading blade will start to rotate to combine the ingredients to form a dough. About 5min after  kneading starts, lift up the lid, add in chopped butter and let breadmaker continues to knead. 
  6. Optional, I have also added in some pistachios, they were added in at about 20th minute.  

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