Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tot School: Learning about science ~ ice sensory play, melting and coloring activity

Again, here's another activity for the little fella, as inspired by mommy Bear Lim. 

This is a very good one, as it involves training on his fine motor skills using the eye dropper, this also teaches him on the concept of hot (water) and cold (ice) and finally melting. Most important of all, this is fun. After this, he has been talking about it, and claiming that he wanted to do this again the next day. It was interesting to know that a simple task like using an eye dropper to squeeze up liquid color and to transfer them to another spot isn't an easy task for a little toddler. It took him a few rounds before he got the hang of it. Activities like this are good to maintain his attention for at least 20 minutes. 

According to, activities related to eye dropper are great for fine motor skills developement: 
  • Eye droppers are awesome for isolating the fingers used for writing 
  • Eye droppers are awesome for strengthening hand muscles 
  • Eye droppers are awesome for practicing coordination, control and patience, all important for handwriting! 
Now, where did I get my eye dropper? It was one that I recycled from a finished-up skin care. You can probably get them from a pharmacy or online shops selling educational tools for young kids. 

Once he was done with the coloring, I gave him a jug of hot water and told him to be very careful with it 'cause it's very hhhhoooootttt and let him pour onto the ice and let him observed them melt. 

Aside than the hot, cold and melting concept that he's exposed to in this activity, he was also very amused with the way one color turned into another color when mixed, he kept on asking, 'yiii.. why is there brown color?'. I felt that it was too much for him to absorb in one day, so I may let him learn about this in another day again. 

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