Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rose bun with ham

Roses for the Departed MH370

Today is the saddest day for Malaysia and the whole wide world as everyone mourns for the departed MH370, declared to have gone down in the Indian Ocean with likely no survivors.
This is another ‘scalded dough’ recipe, learnt from Alex Goh but adapted to suit Donlim breadmaker DJH10X. This scalded dough method has worked tremendously well with Donlim breadmaker to create bread loaf and buns that are soft and fluffy in texture and remain soft for at least 48hours, even without the use of any bread softener or improver. The method of pre-scalding a portion of the dough helps to loosen the gluten in the bread, making it able to create more volume. The bread is soft and easy to digest, making it a perfect nutritious snack for babies and kids.
*If you do not have ham, you may also make them with sliced cheese.
Here's the recipe for the rose bun, kneaded and proved with Donlim breadmaker DJH10X.
The technique on shaping the bun was learnt from Happy Home Baker.

Scalded dough/ starter dough
·         100g bread flour
·         70g boiling water
To prepare the starter dough, pour boiling hot water over flour and stir with folk until combined into a slightly tacky dough. Cover and chill in the refrigerator. Chill for 20min before use, can keep up to 12hours in refrigerator.

Main dough

·         150g water
·         2tbsp oat milk or soymilk powder
·         1tbsp brown sugar
·         ½ tbsp salt
·         ½ tbsp pizza & pasta seasoning (available from Just Health)
·         200g bread flour
·         50g all purpose flour / oat flour
·         ¾ tbsp instant active dry yeast
·         30g butter, at room temperature, not melted
·         4 slices of ham

1.       Remove the breadpan from the bread machine. Fit in the kneading blade.
2.       Add all the ingredients in the order listed above, except for the scalded dough prepared earlier, the butter and ham.
3.       Insert and lock the breadpan into the bread machine.
4.       Select mode no. 7 (dough)* the display panel will display defaulted time of 01:30 (1hr30min). Press start.
5.       When all the ingredients has combined together (about 5min), add in the starter dough in small pieces. Then add in chopped butter.
6.       After 1 hour 30min, a beep alert will sound indicating that the dough is ready.
7.       Remove the dough from the bread maker.
8.       On a floured surface, punch the dough a few times to remove trapped air. Knead and throw a few times. Let rest for about 5min, then form about 60g portion of dough into ball shape.
9.       Flatten dough into a round disk about the size of the ham you’re using. Place a slice of ham on the flattened dough. Roll up. Place the rolled-up dough, seam side down on another piece of ham and flattened dough. Roll up again.  Cut the roll in the middle into two equal halves. Place cut-side down on a baking tray. Repeat with the rest of the dough.
10.   Brush the top of rose buns with beaten egg wash and sprinkle with floral and herb salt (available at Just Health).
11.   Cover rose buns with damp cloth or cling film (or in the oven) and proof for the second time for about 45min, or until double in size.
12.   Preheat the oven to 175deg C. Bake the rose buns for about 20min.

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