Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pumpkin pesto chicken bolognese

Very delicious with parmesan.

Hubby's brunch

This is recently my favorite meal for the lil' fella. It's easily done, very convenient and very delicious. Most importantly, I can make the same dish and it feeds all of us (me, hubby and the lil' fella).
This is what I do to prepare it in the morning.
1. Steam cubed pumpkin with minced chicken, season with homemade pesto sauce. Also add some milk and dash of olive oil to make it saucy.
2. When the chicken is cooked and pumpkin turns soft, mash the pumpkin with a folk. Add more pesto sauce if needed. Serve with grated cheese or parmesan.
For the lil' fella, I pack the cooked pasta and sauce in two different container. So the nanny can add the sauce into the pasta when she needs to feed him later on.
For me and hubby, I just add the sauce into the cooked pasta and top with lots of parmesan.

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