Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas dear son!

Dear baby J,
Mommy started this blog to log down everything about you, never have I known that it will turn into more of a food blog, mostly your food, and some of mommy’s cakes and papa’s breakfast. I hope that one day you’ll be able to read this blog and understand more about your own ‘growing up’.
This is your second Christmas with us. Mommy can vividly remembers our first Christmas. You were a peaceful one and let us finished our Christmas dinner at peace on Christmas eve. But you woke early on Christmas day, not wanting to miss out anything that happens around you. *The reason why I thought, 'I don't wanna miss a thing' by Aerosmith perfectly describes you :p (Mommy was sorry cos mommy was always rushing, pumping milk, washing and sterilizing your bottles, getting your going-out bag ready etc etc etc). You should definitely check out the song, wonder if it's still available in your era.
Second Christmas, it's 7:49am now, and you're still in bed with Papa. Your breakfast and your hot choco-milk has been prepared and well-laid out. But it's alright. You can lie in, cos it's a holiday today, and mommy gets to check my facebook and wishes all friends and families 'Merry Christmas'.

You're definitely the most precious gift granted by Dear Lord to your mommy and papa. You make us grow, trying to be your perfect parents. Your liveliness (guess this is the nicer term than calling you an active baby) keeps us on-the-go at all time, and allow us to never stay idle thus keeping ourselves fit and active.
You love mommy's food, giving face to every single meal mommy has prepared for you. You're a friendly and chatty one. When we were out for our Christmas eve dinner last night, you were seated beside another boy, a quiet boy, and you have overwhelmed him with your chattiness. Hohoho.. I wonder where that comes from :p

You're very curious about your surroundings. You call every moving and fury animals 'wow wow'. You love travelling with mommy and papa. But you get really excited and you do not mind forfeiting your nap time just to be awake to know what happens around you. I think that's a good thing cos mommy gets to bring you out for parties and travels and night-out, without you fussing. But sometimes (or most of the time), mommy only wants an early lie-in on the very comfy bed, having my arms over you (of course, you'll push me away, cos you're the sort who doesn't like to be confined).
You don't like to be confined. You don't sleep in a cot. You sleep on mommy and papa's big bed, taking up about half of the space. You don't use a walker (you cried loudly when you were placed into a walker at cuz' Kit's place). Some strangers tried to carry you but you cried-protested, and they said, 'O no.. you fear strangers'. I looked at her, thought to myself, 'try let me carry and hug you limiting your movements, tell me if you'll like that?'. Darn, I hate this. Papa said you're inheriting mommy's feistiness, and I sure don't want that. You just inherit as little of it, as possible, alright?

My favorite 'spidey-boy' diaper

Mommy wishes you a very blessed Christmas. May the Lord showers his mercy and blessings upon you, dear Son. May you always be healthy and happy!
With love, Mommy

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