Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breadmaker black sesame hee pan (kikaku)

My clients are getting sick of just baking bread with their Donlim breadmaker. So they are asking if I can come up with more recipes, other than bread. Yesterday, I made soft and fluffy banana and walnut cake with it. This morning I made these Hakka delicacies with the breadmaker. I kneaded the dough and let it proof in the breadmaker, then steamed them in the steamer. The lil' fella loved them. He had about 2-3 of them. I had 3 myself. We love the chewiness but at the same time, also fluffy, especially when warm. 

This is a sponge dough recipe. It requires additional steps of preparation. I have made some simple dough method, but I felt that the texture of the kikaku is quite dense, so I have always prefer those made with this sponge dough. You can refer to those easier ones if you felt that this recipe is a little too cumbersome for you. Here's the link for the easier straight dough recipe. 

Sponge dough: 
  • 1tsp active dry yeast 
  • 200g all purpose flour
  • 150g black sesame drink / pandan juice (if making a pandan heepan) 
Combine all ingredients. Cover and proof overnight at room temperature. 

Main dough: 
  • 100g all purpose flour (I have used 85g all purpose flour + 15g cornflour) 
  • 150g glutinous rice flour 
  • 125g water / pandan juice (if making a pandan heepan) 
  • 125g sugar (I've replaced with 75g brown sugar) 
  • 1/2 tsp active dry yeast 
  • Some oil for rubbing on palms when moulding the hee pan later on. 
  1. Place all ingredients, including the sponge dough into the breadpan. Select mode no. 6 for knead (和面)。 Press Start 启动/停止。Let it knead for 10minutes. Press Stop 启动/停止。 
  2. Select mode no. 8 for Proof (发酵)。 Adjust TIME 时间 to 01:00 (1 hour). 
  3. After an hour, bring dough out of breadpan. Punch out trapped air. Shape into 50g ball and place on a steam paper or banana leaf. Press to flatten. 
  4. Let proof for another 15min. Steam on medium heat for 10min. 

  • 1tsp 酵母 
  • 200g 普通面粉
  • 150g 黑芝麻奶 
在一个碗内将以上材料混合。盖上保险纸 , 放在室内室温发酵过夜。 


  • 100g 普通面粉 (我用85g 普通面粉 + 15g 生粉) 
  • 150g 糯米粉
  • 125g 水
  • 125g 糖 (我只用了75g 黄糖) 
  • 1/2 tsp 酵母 
  • 油 (整形的时候抹在手板上用) 
  1. 将所有材料,包括面种,放入面包桶内。启动菜单 6  和面。 和面 10分钟,按停止。  
  2. 启动菜单 8  (发酵)。 调整时间为1小时。 按启动/停止。  
  3. 一小时之后, 将面团取出。敲打以将空气敲走。 将面团分成50克的小圆形, 放在香蕉叶上压扁。 
  4. 发酵15分钟. 中火蒸10分钟。  

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