Friday, February 21, 2014

Dried zucchini chips

Zucchini is not readily available where I am, so I asked my mom to bring some back to me when she was visiting from Peninsula Malaysia. She brought back quite a lot, and the lil' fella may turn into a ZUCCHINI eating them everyday :D. So instead of feeding him zucchini everyday, I decided to dehydrate some so that I can keep them stored in the fridge and use them in his meal or for baking later on. I added some of the dehydrated chips when cooking his congee and it worked well. The zucchini tastes exactly like the fresh ones.
1. Firstly, wash the zucchini thoroughly. Thinly slice them to about 2mm thickness.
2. Dip them in a vinegar solution (1 cup water + 1tbsp apple cider vinegar).
3. Season them with sea salt and black pepper (optional).
4. Arrange them on dehydrator food trays.
5. Adjust the temperature to 60deg C.
6. Turn on the dehydrator.
7. 6 hours later ....



Store in an air-tight container.
It will last for 2-3 weeks in room temperature,
1month in fridge
3months in freezer
Immediately, I tried adding them into the lil' fella's congee to find out how it differs from fresh ones. Surprisingly, it tastes exactly the same like the fresh ones! How great! You can also do the same with tomato, pumpkin, sweet potato and onion too!

For info on this dehydrator, please refer here.

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