Monday, September 14, 2015

DIY marble run with craft sticks

When all the other mommy bloggers or the homeschooling moms are unrelentingly making felt busy bag or felt toys for their little ones, I realized that I am not at all inclined to make them for my boy. I didn't understand why, they weren't exactly too difficult to make, but I was adamant that they are not gonna get J excited for too long. The sentiment is starkly different when I saw this DIY toy. When I saw this, I knew I'm gonna make this (and yes, I made it the day I saw this on pinterest). He's gonna love this! And I am sure he will have his own ways of playing with this. Then, it all makes sense! Those mommies making the felt toys were making them for their daughters! A boy like J wouldn't be charmed by felt toys, instead, he wants something that explodes, something that makes loud bangs, something that collides, something that twists, something that crashes.  

I enjoyed this a lot when I was young. Were you in my era, when we used to insert 20cents into the machines to have a go at these marble run games? Even now at this age, I still find myself mesmerized by the movements of the marbles coupled with the sound of the collision. The sensorial combo actually calms me down. Interesting. 

This is very easy to do. It didn't cost me a lot. I think I spent about 2 ringgit to make this (to buy the superglue and the craft sticks). You probably won't need to spend any if you have your hot glue gun and other materials (as in the sticks, the marble ball and an unused shoe box) at home. 

You can view its video on this FB link

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