Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dyson bladeless fan AM06

When I got this in the post, it felt like Christmas has come early. The launch of this Dyson Desk Fan AM06 is so timely for me, cos I was in the midst of creating a play room for my little boy. The room has an air-conditioning unit installed, but I don't want him to be in an air-cond room 24/7 so I wanted a fan that can cool the room effectively, yet safe to be in the vicinity. Dyson is always the one and only choice for stand or desk fan in baby's room cos it is bladeless and it's superbly easy to clean. Most importantly, it looks sleek and super cool. We had an old model of Dyson AM02 stand fan in our guest room for a few years, but that generates quite a bit of noise when operating at high air flow. It was good as a white noise generator when the little fella was younger, but not anymore as he grows up. My eyes lit up with joy when I realized that this new model AM06 is 75% quieter, as stated on the box.



Both of us were excited as we took out the new and sleek-looking gadget from the box. The little fella located the remote control while I tried to assemble the fan. The fan came in two large pieces, and was super-easy to assemble, there are arrows shown on the connecting point, all I had to do was to align the arrows and gently turn and snap. It's done!  An instruction manual comes along with it. But I didn't need to refer to it to assemble it, and I had to assemble it quick cos the little fella was waiting anxiously to try out the remote control.  Boys and gadgets... >.<

It comes with a small stylish-looking remote control that operates the
  • Turning ON/ OFF
  • Airflow control (air flow intensity from 1-10)
  • Oscillation ON/ OFF
  • Sleep timer
The sleep timer feature is a new addition to AM06, allowing me to program the fan to turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.
The reason why I love Dyson's gadgets are that they are designed by real human who actually uses the stuffs. Or else, they wouldn't have thought of creating the remote control, and the remote control is designed to be magnetic and curvy so that it attaches to the fan, so it's easy to store and locate. Or else, I wouldn't know the ideal location to store a mini remote control like this. It'll just get misplaced.
There's one feature which I didn't find out until much later on. It's tiltable!! Let's say if I have the fan placed on the floor and I'm seated up on a chair or sofa, I can tilt it upward for better and more direct air flow. Vice versa, it can also tilted backward so that the air flow is directed downwards. 
Now, is it effective? Does it cools the room efficiently? It was a warm and stuffy evening when we tried out the fan. I turned it on and within about 5 minutes, the room was effectively cooled. I went out of the room and when I re-entered the room, the room felt cool as if it had the air-cond on. This is seriously a good investment since the electricity bills has been on the hike and we've been trying to cut down our air-cond usage in such warm and stuffy weather. The new AM06 has been designed consume less electricity compared to their previous model.

The next time you're in the toilet or restrooms in major international airports or shopping malls, check out their hand dryers, they could be made by Dyson. Dyson makes very effective hand dryer that dries within 10 seconds, making them very cost and time efficient. It is the same technology they have used on their bladeless fan range. The same technology creates the smooth and constant air flow from the fan.  It draws in air and amplifies it 15 times which is wonderful for cooling the room in our warm Malaysian weather.
TIPS to new moms

My verdict on the new Dyson bladeless fan AM06
I have been very impressed by the new and improved unit and would definitely recommend it to anyone shopping for a new fan for their home, office or your baby's room. It is safe, it is cool-looking and most importantly, it effectively cools the room. It makes a great gift for housewarming too. So far, I could find nothing wrong or negative about the fan itself.  It cost RM1329 in Malaysia and comes with two year warranty.
Find out more about Dyson on their Facebook or their website http://www.dyson.my/. Find Dyson's Malaysia's retailers here.
Are you a Dyson fan too?
Disclaimer: Product provided. No compensation received. The honest opinions are my own.


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