Friday, November 29, 2013

German cookies (molasses)

I finished baking these. Went out for lunch. Got back took one. Ahhhhh... they are good!! They tastes divine! They melt in the mouth. Just great for babies!! Immediately I am seated down in front of my PC to blog about them so that I can share with my mommies network on FB group Healthy Food for My Baby. They are gonna love me for sharing this. This is soooo delicious, yet so easy to prepare with just four ingredients! And best of all, it doesn't contain egg! (There are quite a lot of mommies with babies with egg allergies in that group)
We're going away for a short trip next week, and I'm trying out a few cookies recipe so that I can bake them and bring them along for our trip. These cookies will be good to keep the lil' fella filled up when we're travelling by plane/ car. I tried buying some of those babies/kids cookies and I really don't like the amount of ingredients used and almost every brand (be it organic or not) contains 'shortening' as their ingredient. I don't mind butter. I don't mind sugar, so long it's not white sugar. But shortening.. arghh.. I just have this 'hatred' towards it. I have tried using it in some of my baking. The way it sticks to my hand and everywhere and the way it is so difficult to wash away .. it scares me. Imagine it being in our body, in our system. The feeling is indescribable. But the sad news is, it's present in almost every baked goods we eat. Bread, cookies, cakes, biscuits ... etc. Guess that's the reason why I started baking bread these days.
These cookies uses potato flour, which I assume is the one that gives it the 'melt-in-the-mouth' texture. I tried looking around for potato flour but fail to find it in the local bakery store, so I ordered some from my supplier when I did my monthly ordering for my shop. Even better with organic ones. Instead of using normal white icing sugar, FYI I never bake with white sugar, I uses molasses, if it requires icing sugar, I use the powdered sugar I blitz from molasses (see photo), which explains the reason why these cookies are already fragrant without any flavoring used. Molasses gives the baked goods a nice aroma that's not easily achieved by using white sugar.

Recipe, adapted from here.
I halved the recipe which gave me 28 cookies.
You should bake more, cos I now regret that I've baked so little.

62.5g butter
20g icing sugar, sifted (I used brown molasses sugar, which I blitz till it turns into powder - see photo)**
62.5g potato flour
40g all purpose flour

1. Beat butter and sugar till fluffy.
2. Sift in potato flour and all purpose flour, mix to form a soft dough.
3. Roll into small balls (about 2cm in diameter), arrange on baking tray and press lightly with a fork.
4. Bake in preheated oven at 170 deg C for 15 mins, upper rack (need not bake till cookies turn brown) (I baked these at 165deg C for about 15min in my small scale toaster oven).
** I love cooking or baking with molasses, because it's the least processed. It's crude and has darker color compared to brown sugar. It is also much less sweeter compared to brown or white sugar. But some molasses are quite coarse in terms of its texture. So I always blitz them into fine powdery texture.

The molasses sugar I used for baking.
I blitz them in a food processor until they turns into this.

The potato flour I used.


  1. Hi dear Chloe, I have two ovens. Fotile at home and khind at workplace. I have baked these cookies using both oven but different temperature. With Fotile it's 170deg C with fan on and top bottom heat heat ON. With khind, it's top bottom heat ON at 165deg C. Both my ovens are the very 'friendly' type (in terms of the heat) :)

  2. Hi mummy jen, may I know if I can bake these at 165deg using built in oven? Also, how ling can I keep these in tupperware? And also for the bread and muffins youbhave baked plus the steamed cakes, how long can they last? Thank you for sharing these yummy recipes! =)

  3. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog and was excited to know that you are also using a fotile oven, I have a fotile oven too, however I am having problem with the temperature when baking a cake. The outer layer always turned brown when the inside is still watery. Please advice what function to use and temp when baking a cake

  4. Hi dear, hahaa.. I understand you. I have gone through lots of trial and error, and lots of cakes-into-the-bun prior to my successful bakes. It really depends on what kid of cake you're baking. With chiffon cakes, I bake at 150deg C for about 35-40min fan on, top and bottom heat on (but half way through baking, I had to tent an aluminum foil loosely over the cake so that the top doesn't get burnt. With muffins or butter cakes, I bake at about 165degC. To discuss further, you may email me at

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