Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tot school: Swat-a-shape (fly themed shape recognition activity) free printable

We have been learning about bugs for the last few days. Yesterday's theme was 'fly' 苍蝇。 I got reminded of the flyswatter we used to have when we were young. However, I don't see fly swatter much these days. Is it just my household? Or has people developed better ways to keep fly at bay? But I knew I gotta introduce flyswatter to little J. He will be amused. I was sure he would be delighted to know about it and he would have fun with it. I found it in a supermarket. It cost me about RM2. I made up a simple 'shape recognition' activity for him to have some fun with his flyswatter while learning about shapes. 

It's quite a simple game to play with and it kept him entertained for some time, and he requested for it the next day. I 'laminated' it myself by simply attaching cellphone tape over both side before cutting the "flies" out. These days I am being quite prudent in terms of what I bring over for real lamination cos it's costly and many a times, he does not spend a lot of time on them, which I felt is not justifiable cost wise. I introduced to him the flyswatter and its function, and emphasized that it's only to catch flies, and isn't designed for hitting, then I simply laid the "flies" with different shapes on the abdomen on the floor. I would call out a certain shape and little J would swat it and chuck the 'dead fly' into the designated container (the bin). 

Get the 'swat-a-shape' free printable here

Here is a beautiful dragonfly craft made by J. Usually I am the hysterical mom who wants to make sure the art and crafts he does turns out looking beautiful and normal, but lately, I have tried to not correct him and just let him do it his way. I felt that the wings for the dragonflies weren't looking very normal here, but I did not say anything and just let him finished it. He was happy and commented that it's beautiful! 

I got the printable from here, instead of just coloring it, I cellotaped strips of lace paper on top of the wings and got J to color on them (we used crayola water color). After the lace is striped off, it reveals pretty markings on the wings. 

J is 31 month old. 

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