Friday, May 22, 2015

Tot school: let's make pizza!

Printables pack by

This morning, I couldn't get access to internet at home, so I couldn't do any research for his tot school activities for today. So I just went through some of the printables I have previously saved and I found this, pizza preschool pack by I even made a note telling myself that this is a good one, so I printed the appropriate ones out and got them ready for little J later on. 

When J woke up, I told him, I got some ABC pizza pack for you, babe. He heard and got excited, murmuring, 'There is pizza? I want pizza!!'. Oh my, I thought, what did I say wrong. I tried to correct him, but I knew I was too late. He talked about him being hungry and wanting to eat pizza the whole morning. I quickly sent him to his phonics class, then rushed myself to my shop and started kneading away. I had to pay for my mistake (for not phrasing my words correctly) so I prepared ingredients for him to make pizza. 

I used this recipe instead of this. Due to time shortage, I used a recipe for bread, instead of a recipe for pizza for him. The mini pizza recipe that I have previously made was really good, but it takes a long time to prepare. I have only got 2 1/2 hours before I got to go fetch him again. I kneaded and proofed the dough in my breadmaker, once done, I went to fetch him. 

We got home, I told him to prepare the pizza base. I asked him if he wanted a square or round pizza, he said he wanted a round one, but he made an oval one, oh well, not too far apart the difference. Basically he helped punched and stretched the dough to a flat base whatever shape he wanted. I quickly chopped all the ingredients, ie 1/4 of a tomato, 1 button mushroom (from the can), a small slice of ham and grated some mozzarella cheese. I hated tomato ketchup available commercially, cos I felt that they do not tastes of tomato, but unfortunately I couldn't find any homemade or ready tomato puree at home so I just had to give in to the artificially made ketchup (luckily I found one sachet of tomato ketchup from hubby's previous pizza takeaway). 

I let him prick the pizza base prior to spreading the sauce. Surprisingly, he did not make a mess. Then I let him spread the tomato ketchup. Again, he did not make a mess. Following this, I let him place the ingredients on top. He did a little and said he's done, but there was still about 3/4 of those ingredients left, so I finished up for him and we got the pizza ready to bake. We baked it for about 8min at 190deg C. 

J's first made pizza was good! He loved it, especially the chopped button mushrooms. 

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