Friday, February 13, 2015

CNY themed art craft ~ dragon dance

It's been about a month Josh started going to his playschool, which is quite phonics class oriented. I was shocked that he has known about 90% of the phonics letter sound. I only realized when I wrote his name J.O.S.H, and he managed to recognize O, S, and H and pronounce them together with the phonics sound. So I tested him from A to Z, he basically managed all except that G and J sounds like alike and E and I sounds alike too, and there's no response from him when I asked Z says ... 

It's amazing to know how spongy toddlers' brains are. They absorb all that is thought, fast, and almost 100% of it. So, once again, I am reminded to spend more time with this little fella despite of the busy schedule I am in the midst of managing both Just Health and the boutique. 

Yesterday when I got back from work, he was still napping. When he woke, he was already asking me if he can do water-coloring. But I told him, we're gonna do 'crayon-coloring' today and we're gonna make 'dragon'. He has got no idea what dragon is. He kept calling it 'dragonfly' and 'dinosaur' cos these are something he knows. 

I printed the 'dragon' template that I downloaded from here. This was also something I saw from mommy Bear Lim's instagram and facebook. 

  • A3 paper for printing, you can also print on harder paper 
  • Red paper for the dragon body, I used two angpao 
  • Crayons 
  • Lollipop sticks 
  • Glue or doublesided tape 
  • Scissors 
  • 'Eyes' for the dragon (optional) 
  1. Print out the dragon template. The head and tail is double sided, so that the dragon looks ok on both sides. 
  2. I let Josh color the dragon head, tail and feet using crayons. Of course, I helped him out. 
  3. Then I folded the angpao while he's still coloring. When the coloring completes, I cut out the dragon head, tail and feet. 
  4. I let him stick on the double-sided tape and tear it off to adhere them together. 

He looks proud with his 'creation' 

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