Saturday, October 19, 2013

Egg florentine on pizza

It's breakfast on pizza!!

I had half a batch of pizza dough left in the fridge after baking my first pizza, I gladly make another two mini pizza for breakfast this morning, cos it's Sunday tomorrow and we always eat out with the in-laws for morning breakfast and dinner. As Ree Drummond mentioned (I used her recipe for the pizza base), the base's taste and texture will improve if left in the fridge for a few days. This has been left in the fridge for about 2 days. It was really better than the first attempt. However, I always had to leave it to proof in a warm-ish area for about 30min after taking it out of the fridge. It never really rose or enlarged its size when left in the fridge.
This time, I made two mini round pizza, one for me and another one for mom. They were so good, we finished eating one each, and left none for my hubby who was still sleeping. Oppsss.. I decided I shall not post these photos onto facebook, in case he wonders where his is.

I asked mom if she liked her pizza yesterday. She said yes, but would be good with more vege. So I topped up hers (first photo) with more roasted vege. Everything else were the same.
Whereas for mine (second photo) - Egg Florentine pizza, I didn't use a tomato puree/ sauce for the base, I used pesto sauce instead. I have an unfinished jar of pesto sauce I bought from Italy few years ago (still tastes and smells okay ;p), so I just spread it over the base and topped up with the same topping, roasted vege and sprinkled with generous amount of cheese, and into the oven they went.
After being baked in the oven for 5min (total baking time was 10min), I cracked an egg over mine, and let it baked for another 5min. It came out with the yolk still wobbly soft, just the way I like it :) I had a sore throat gradually developing from the day before, but I still find this so appetizing and finished it in no time.

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