Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wonder of i-angel hipseat carrier (Part 2)

As an i-angel ambassador, one of my mission is to use the carrier in long term, giving feedback and spreading the knowledge of benefits of baby carrying among my network.
Prior to owning an i-angel hipseat carrier, I only babywear him (previously, using a SSC) when we go out or travel. But now with i-angel, I get to detach the 'carrier' part and just use the hipseat at home. Love the way it double-duty up as a seat. This fantastic invention redistributes the baby's weight. It's great especially the baby is at his most clingy times. The hipseat is actually very well made and sturdy.

I enjoy cooking and baking for the little one. Most of the times, I leave him on the kitchen floor, playing with saucer and pans, and he's quite happy with it. But there are also times that he got bored and wanted to check out what  I was up to. The hipseat is God-sent for occasions like this.
The first time we made a swiss roll
At 10mth old, he loves playing with and interacting with our dogs outside our back garden. He definitely enjoys his morning fun-time being carried/ seated on the hipseat.
Using the hipseat alone, I may still need a hand to support him (but most of the time, he just naturally leans or pulls on me, and I love that!), but it makes life much easier when I'm on the move (be it preparing breakfast, running around the house getting things cleared up, or going up the stairs). Using the hipseat relieves the weight on my shoulder and my arm and wrist.
So far, this is one of the best and practical baby stuffs I have ever owned. I can't rave about it enough :)
Stay tuned for my part 3 review on outdoor use of the i-angel hipseat carrier.
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  1. thanks for the great review. Want to ask if you have considered pognae hipster and if yes, why you chose this over pognae.
    Can i angel be used on the back?


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