Thursday, September 12, 2013

My sis in law's wedding: bethoral gift exchange 过大礼

Bethoral gift exchange 过大礼 is the day the groom and company delivers the bethoral gifts to the bride and family.
My sis in law is getting hitched officially end of this month. Late last night, the bridegroom, groom's mom, aunty and grandma has flown over to Sandakan to carry out the bethoral gift exchange ceremony.
The day started really early. At 6:30am, mom in law was already at our place (the bridegroom and company are staying at our place) to fetch them to the market to pick up the roasted pork belly, fruits and wedding cakes. Josh had just finished his breakfast when they were leaving, so we just hop on the car to tag along. Josh had some eye opening times at the market.

The big day is gonna happen in Sandakan in less than 10 days. We are all excited and looking forward to it. Lots of the relatives and cuzzies are gonna be back and there'll be makan-makan gathering. And best of all, mom is gonna be back too!!

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