Friday, August 22, 2014

{Foodie Review } Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant (Sandakan) - Best salmon sashimi in Sandakan

Today I'm in the mood for Japanese food. I've been doing some clean-eating this week, since it's TGIF, I've decided to treat myself to some nice Japanese gourmet. On a weekday we always go to Kyoto because (1) it's just few steps away from my shop, convenient (2) it produces fairly decent Japanese food, one of the very few ones I would be comfortable with, in Sandakan. FYI, I live in Sandakan, where we are restricted by choice in terms of international cuisines available. Japanese is one of the most easily found. 

We did not order a lot cos there were just the two of us. I went for my usuals ie the very freshly sliced thick and succulent salmon sashimi and a nabe dish. The thing I love about Kyoto is that its serving is pretty generous for the price we pay. Half of this plate of salmon sashimi already fills up half of my tummy. Usually when I frequent Japanese restaurant, I have this habit of checking with the waiter if the salmon used for sashimi is fresh. Over here at Kyoto, I almost don't need to check cos it is usually fresh. This round, we are lucky to get a very vibrant freshly sliced cut. I can taste the omega goodness in it. Feeling very nourished as I write about it now. Check out the photos on its color (hahaa.. that's all you can savor, cos you can't smell nor taste it from photos). I have not edited the color. That's exactly how vibrant it is. Or maybe .. I do have good camera. 

My second favorite from Kyoto is its Nabe. I usually go for seafood nabe or the niku (beef) nabe. This time, as you realize, I went for the beef nabe. It does not come with rice, so for rice-lovers, you may need to order a bowl of rice to go with it. Again, its portion is generous! My hubby and I share it while he also finished his Tori Katsu Curry Don. 

Salmon Sashimi RM26

Thick and succulent sashimi. Check out the vibrant color. I didn't edit this pic. 

Niku Nabe RM23 (right) Tori Katsu Curry Don RM15 (left)
So again, if you're in Sandakan and in a gastro-mood for Japanese, try Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant. 

Here's their details: 

Kyoto Sushi Japanese Restaurant 
089 236 318 
Lot 132, Block 14, Prima Square, Mile 4, Sandakan 

Tips: for lunch especially on weekends, I usually go just before 12noon, before the lunch crowd to guarantee myself a table. If you have their Kyoto membership card, you will also entitle yourself to 10% off the total bill. 

This is me, fooling with my camera. I also took photo of my hubby. But he told me not to post it cos he hasn't shaved. Since he was the one who paid for our lunch, I guess I would just follow suit :p 


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  1. Took a sneak shot of the back end of my vehicle there...i demand satisfaction! :P


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